Video case study: M&M's 'Love Triangle' social story gets 2 millions fans

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Back in 2011, confectionary brand Mars ran a three month social media campaign in Russia, centred around a love triangle between their iconic M&M’s characters. This video case study looks at how the campaign attracted millions of fans and sales support.

Watch a video case study of the campaign here:

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Brand: Mars M&M's | Sector: FMCG, Food | Country: Russia | Objective: Build brand engagement, drive sales | Agency/partner; BBDO | Format: Social Media, Video

The ‘Love Triangle’ campaign pitted the ‘red’ and ‘blue’ M&Ms characters against each other with the introduction of a female ‘green’ character.

Created and integrated by BBDO Group, the campaign allowed social media users to follow the story as it unfolded, selected their own hero’ from the three characters.

Within days of launch, the campaign attracted over 2 million fans with a high level of engagement.

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