Content marketing case study: How Almarai inspired its fasting customers during Ramadan

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How do you get people to eat your products during Ramadan - a month of fasting? This case study looks at how Almarai a large dairy company in the Middle East launched a health and wellness social media campaign to support and inspire those fasting and most importantly keep the brand front of mind.

Key take outs

• Almarai a large dairy company in the Middle East created great content for its health and wellness campaign during Ramadan 2014

• The wellness campaign inspired customers to be healthy during the month fast

• The campaign received positive feedback on social media

The challenge

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar during which Muslims worldwide observe as a month of fasting. In the Middle East, where Islam is the official religion, there are large numbers of the population fasting. Almarai one of the largest dairy companies in the world decided Ramadan was the perfect opportunity to launch a health and wellness campaign to support the large numbers of the population fasting.

The solution

Almarai launched a campaign that used short 15 second films and still images to convey messages and tips in both Arabic and English on how to stay healthy during Ramadan.

The videos and images were posted on social media, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube during the 30 days of Ramadan fasting, to inspire Almarai customers and fans with daily health tips and reminders to be mindful and eat well.



The results

The campaign was successful and engaging to customers. The Almarai Facebook page soared to over 3 million likes. The feedback was positive on social media – 2,180 likes and 96 shares on Facebook and 1149 likes on Instagram

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