Social media marketing: The Dulux Color Run

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Described as “the happiest 5K on the planet”, the Color Run is a unique race held in cities all over the world. It’s an untimed race in which thousands of participants are doused from head to toe in different colours at each kilometre, a hugely popular event in Indonesia. As one of the sponsors of the event Dulux used social media to amplify its brands association with the event.

Case study summary

• As one of the sponsors of the Indonesian Color Run 2014 Dulux used social media to generate brand awareness

• Dulux created the Dulux Color Run where runners used online avatars to race to win prizes and share their results via social media

• Dulux generated over 24million impressions of its hashtag #DuluxColorRun

The challenge

As a co-sponsor of the Color Run in Indonesia, Dulux wanted to create a strong association between the event and the brand. The main sponsor of the event was a bank whereas Dulux a paint company had a stronger relevance with colour and wanted to use this to raise awareness.

The solution

Sharing via social media is hugely popular in Indonesia, so Dulux decided to combine social and fun running to raise brand awareness and create the Dulux Color Run – the loudest 5K run on social media. Runners ran with their avatars online for the chance to win free tickets to the Colour Run event. Runners used social media as a platform and the hashtag #DuluxColorRun to share their splash of happiness as loud as possible.

The results

Dulux generated greater brand awareness than all other sponsors of the event, in one month #DuluxColorRun had over 24 million impressions.

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