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Facebook case study: Cadbury video viral gives ‘thumbs up’ to 1 million social media fans


The Cadbury Dairy Milk UK Facebook Page reached a social media milestone when it welcomed its one millionth fan on Saturday, January 7, 2012. To say thank you, the brand constructed a giant chocolate Facebook ‘thumbs up’, piece by piece, from thousands of Cadbury Dairy Milk bars and put the video on the social network. This case study shows how Cadbury managed to keep the momentum of its growing social media audeience.

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Brand: Cadbury Dairy Milk |Media: Online, email | Country: UK|Sector: FMCG | Agency: Hypernaked | Format: Facebook Page Videos

09/05/2012  |  Full story...

Fluent Mobile uses mobile advertising to acquire 400,000 new customers


Mobile software developer Fluent Mobile made use of mobile display ads to efficiently reach a large percentage of their target audience: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The purpose of the campaign was customer acquisition at a cost of less than $1/install. Since advertising began Fluent Mobile acquired 400,000 users and earnings were up by 2500%.

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Brand: Fluent |Media: Google Admob | Country: US |Sector: Telecommunications| Format: CPC Ads

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06/01/2012  |  Full story...

Case Study: Reelz uses ‘Smart Versioning’ for ongoing updates to video advertising


Cable channel Reelz used a technique called ‘Smart Versioning’ to continually adjust text, video and URLs in ads based on response, in order to boost ROI. As a result, the campaign achieved a 200% higher dwell rate than average.

The purpose of the campaign was to get audience attention and increase the website traffic.
Smart Versioning enabled for ongoing changes, text, video, and URL feeds. And all updates that would otherwise take hours with smart version can be done in only a few minutes. The regular ongoing updates resulted in high dwell rate.

The campaign resulted in dwell rate of 10.35%, 200% more than the entertainment vertical.

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Brand: Reelz| Sector: Entertainment| Agency: Haworth, Reelz Channel, MediaMind | Format: Smart Versioning

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05/01/2012  |  Full story...

Case study: Predators game and expandable creates buzz and engagement


Twentieth Century Fox created an interactive game and expandable banners to promote action horror film Predators, resulting in high dwell rates and brand advocacy. The campaign used expandable banners, featuring an interactive game (complete with with blood spatters). The game gave users the opportunity to choose their weapons and engage with brand via the game. The gamification enabled users to experience the storyline of the film and also enabled to enter a global MPG. The average dwell time for the campaign was 35.7 seconds 80% above benchmark and the average dwell rate 8.27% nearly 10% higher than benchmark.

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Brand: Predators | Country: USA| Sector: Entertainment| Agency: Moxie (US), Vizeum (Int), Think Jam, Media Mind | Format: Interactive Game in expandable banner

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12/12/2011  |  Full story...

Case study: How Leroy Merlin’s ‘offers carousel’ banner boosted brand engagement


Spanish homewares retailer Leroy Merlin used a dynamic ‘carousel’ offers banner to improve brand engagement, driving sales and enjoying a huge dwell rate in the process. Working with MediaMind, Leroy Merlin displayed 62 offers to consumers depending on date and user response. The banner was updated via XML feed, making any modification possible in real time without needing to stop any live ads. The three week campaign used adverts on leading home and decorating sites, the banners showcased the special offers and included video and an option to download catalogue in pdf format. The Dwell time was 85.91 seconds which is 78% greater than the benchmark 48.02 sec. The pdf catalogue was downloaded 2,577 times. Using the carousel –style browsing 32,393 views of discounts of the day was recorded for 13,400 products.

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Brand: Leroy Merlin |Country: Spain |Sector: Retail| Agency: OMD, Media Mind | Format: Dynamic Banner, Digital Shop, Carousel Format

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Case study: Adidas Impossible Is Nothing | Agency: Netthink ES | Technology: MediaMind | Sector: Retail | Objectives: Engagement, brand positioning | Format: Rich media & microsite

Case study: Adidas Impossible Is NothinThere’s an interesting technique for engagement here. The square advert on the right hand side opens up and gives the viewer a pen. A brand character then runs along the line that’s automatically drawn. It’s an engaging way of drawing the viewer in and delivering a clear payback. The ‘Impossible is nothing’ message resonates and has more compulsion given that the viewer is bound to be sitting at a PC screen.

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Case study: Coca-Cola CokeZone | Agency: Carlson | Sector: FMCG | Format: Advertising, microsite, website

Coke CokeZoneA great example of creative that combines relevancy with active engagement. Coca-cola maintains consistently world class digital marketing and these campaigns are looking to drive registration for their seasonal promotions. By tracking dwell time they can track the increase in the intensity of engagement with the consumer.

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Case study: BMW Films | Sector: Automotive | Format: Video, viral, microsite

BMW FilmsThe multi award-winning BMW Films project was one of those rare moments when an advertising campaign is so powerful it succeeds in changing the medium it works within. High budget, all-action and with blockbusting stars like Madonna under the stewardship of A-list directors like Ang Lee, the movies were an instant cult success. They showcased the best in movie-making, and delivered it in the context of a message of brand association BMW had carefully crafted. By creating compelling media they generated their own self-selecting audiences without the need of heavyweight media spend.

11/03/2009  |  Full story...

The weakest online advertising?

You have won a free laptop!Internet marketing has the scope to be more powerful, vibrant, engaging and impactful than any other media. In Digital's case study library we've collected just a few of the thousands of great campaigns that really impressed us, but it's worth remembering that somewhere out there, in the depths of an un-targeted run-of-site campaign, the bottom-dwellers of the direct marketing industry are still subjecting internet users to ads like this one.

28/01/2008  |  Full story...

Oodles of classifieds advertising firm gave its disruptive technology a boost today with a new generation release that promises a whole new way to shop classifieds. With a new suite of tools and a complete site redesign, Oodle radically improves the way consumers use classifieds, but it does this by delivering a very different model to the conventional print titles. Oodle positions itself as a whole new way to shop classifieds, bringing together more than 30 million listings from over 80,000 classified sites. Oodle sets out to improve the way people buy and sell locally by offering a more comprehensive search, supported by convenient email alerts and relevant information that gives consumers the bigger picture, helping them to make better buying decisions.

20/11/2007  |  Full story...

To get you started: Microsoft reminds us how much the world of advertising has changed

msn%20case%20study.jpgThe digital networked society is a great leveller. The relationship between brands and consumers has shifted. The structure of communications has undergone this massive leap. While the smart thinking in marketing is leaping to embrace a whole new way of doing things, much of the practice in marketing still clings to the past. That's why it wasn't just gutsy, but a strategically brilliant move for Microsoft to use a television-style commercial to make the point for them.

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Client: Colgate | Sector: FMCG | Objective: Customer acquisition | Format: Banners

Colgate ran their advertising campaign in print, television and online. The results showed that it cost 23% more to encourage consumer purchase using TV alone compared to using TV in combination with online. For their multichannel campaign, reallocating marketing dollars to online advertising was significantly more cost-effective at driving purchase intent and enhancing key branding metrics. Simply by allocating 7% of media dollars to online, purchase intent increased 3.8%.

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Client: Universal Studios | Sector: Entertainment | Objective: Customer acquisition, brand awareness | Format: Rich media, banners

 The vast majority of Universal Studios advertising budget is spent on TV. Around 6% of the budget was spent on banner ads and less than 1% on rich media ads which floated animations on top of web pages. The results of the online advertising proved to be significantly better than the TV commercials. The most successful format was rich media.

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Client: ING | Sector: Finance | Objective: Customer acquisition | Format: Banners

The objective of the XMOS study is to help marketers and their agencies answer the question: what is the optimal mix of advertising vehicles across different media, in terms of frequency, reach and budget allocation, for given campaign to achieve its marketing goals? This particular campaign for ING ran for six months and included advertising on television, magazines and online. The budgetary proportions of the campaign were 68% for television, 17% for magazines and 15% for the internet. The media mix proved to be more effective than advertising would have been in any single medium. The 15% share of budget that ING assigned to interactive demonstrated itself to be ideal in this campaign.

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