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PacSun partners YouTube content creators for back-to-school campaign

To coincide with the back to school season, clothing brand PacSun has released a four-video series in partnership with a popular YouTube fashion channel. See why it’s our video viral of the week below.

28/08/2014  |  Full story...

Video case study: Axe encourages men to embrace weekdays

Axe has launched a new digital campaign designed to remind men that fragrances are not just for special occasions, as the Unilever body spray brand encourages their core audience of young males to embrace weekdays.

27/08/2014  |  Full story...

Miller Lite turns fan photos into national TV ad

Miller Lite has embarked on a user generated content campaign, encouraging fans to submit their own summer photos with the beer brand with the promise of turning the best ones into a nationwide TV campaign. This case study looks at how the campaign's hashtag became the No. 2 branded hashtag on Twitter.

27/08/2014  |  Full story...

Viral case study: Wilkinson Sword claims beards make babies cry

With bushy beards coming back into fashion, how does a shaving brand get rugged hipsters back on their side? This viral video from Wilkinson Sword Germany explains why the hirsute look might not be as fatherly as you might think. The 45-second ad, created by the Labamba Agency in Hamburg, Germany, tracks different fathers first meeting their offspring throughout history- and why a beard can make a bad impression on babies.

18/08/2014  |  Full story...

Case study: Dove hosts Google Hangout debate on real beauty

Back in June 2014, Dove hosted a debate on beauty at Selfridges flagship Oxford Street store that was be broadcast live on Google+ via a promoted post, as part of its "campaign for real beauty" activity. The ad appeared in real-time as a display advert on webpages linked to women’s beauty and lifestyle.

06/08/2014  |  Full story...

Papa Johns smashes engagement benchmark with programmatic native ads

Ball Street, the company behind the 451 digital football show, has beaten its engagement benchmark by 71% after deploying a programmatic native approach. Working with RadiumOne, Ball Street developed video content, sponsored by Papa John’s, and pushed it out in three bursts around matches with a deciding role in the race for the Premier League title (Liverpool v Chelsea, Crystal Palace v Liverpool and Man City v West Ham).

View a sample of the show with Papa John's Sponsorship below:

28/07/2014  |  Full story...

World Cup marketing trends: Brands react to Germany thrashing Brazil

Germany’s spectacular 7-1 semi final victory over Brazil at the 2014 World Cup broke many records, including some on social media- with many brands joining the conversation. The game attracted a staggering 35.6 million Tweets on the night, becoming the 'most-discussed' single game ever on Twitter as brands flocked to the social network with their own take on the shock defeat for the host nation. The World Cup has become the latest showcase event for Twitter's second-screen ambitions, complete with a promoted section within the company's mobile apps when matches are playing.

This YouTube ad for a German Radio station summed up the night:

09/07/2014  |  Full story...

Cannes winner case study: Harvey Nichols celebrates selfishness with anti-Christmas viral

Luxury retailer Harvey Nichols made an unusual Christmas ad in 2013, encouraging shoppers to buy gifts for themselves at the high end store rather than spend the money on loved ones. This case study looks at how the bold funny ad turned controversial subject matter into a highly amusing and entertaining video, picking up the Cannes Lions Grand Prix in the process.

25/06/2014  |  Full story...

Cannes Lions case study: Sound of Honda brings Senna to life with light display

This "Sound of Honda -- Ayrton Senna 1989" ad from from Dentsu Tokyo, caught the eye of the judges at Canes Lions 2014. We look at how the video went viral, getting over 4 million views for recreating a moment of sporting history with a sound and light display.

25/06/2014  |  Full story...

Cannes Lions case study: Edgy ‘First Kiss’ viral gets hearts racing with subtle branding

This ad for clothes brand Wren took the web by storm back in March, with its strange mix of cringe-worthy and heart-warming first kisses between strangers– coming close to winning 2014’s Cannes Lions Grand Prix award. This case study looks at the secret to the viral ads success, despite its almost non-existent branding.

25/06/2014  |  Full story...

Video case study: Dove defies dad stereotypes with Father’s Day campaign

Looking to repeat the success of its ‘Sketches’ viral last year, this new video from Unilever's Dove’s celebrates the hard work dads put in every day to promote its Men + Care range. See why it's our video viral of the week below..

11/06/2014  |  Full story...

Vine case studies – Oreo cookies build talkability with Vines


Oreo cookies have won dozens of digital marketing awards for their success in social media, and these vines are a great case study of how a brand can be brought to life to build talkability in just 6 seconds.

10/06/2014  |  Full story...

Nike and Samsung beat World Cup sponsors for video shares

Nike, Samsung and Castrol top the chart of the most shared World Cup focused video ads, ahead of brands that are official sponsors of the tournament, according to a new report from Unruly. Coca-Cola, the first affiliated brand to appear in the listing, accounted for 2.5 times fewer shares than Castrol, that sits in third place. Other Word Cup sponsors that fail to make the top 11 include Budweiser (16th), Sony (18th), McDonald’s (20th) and Johnson & Johnson (24th)

10/06/2014  |  Full story...

Webby Awards 2014: Winners revealed as hoax fire viral scoops awards

The Webby Awards, often dubbed the Oscarsof the Internet, has announced its latest batch of award winners, with Vine, Airbnb, Kickstarter and Vimeo among this year’s winners for their services to digital media. Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel won the Viral Video award for his “Twerk Fail” clip, which, as he proudly mentioned on his show, was broadcast on dozens of news networks before the late night host revealed that it was a fake (see below).

28/05/2014  |  Full story...

Video case study: How Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ ad won the Super Bowl ad battle

Back in February 2014, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” became the runaway winner of Super Bowl 2014. The cute commercial, which tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a horse and a puppy, was not only the most shared video online, but also the ad which attracted the most TV coverage. This case study from Unruly Media looks at how the commercial became an internet sensation- racking up over 50m YouTube views by within 3 months.

21/05/2014  |  Full story...

Unilever expands Project Sunlight campaign with short film

Unilever has expanded its Project Sunlight sustainability initiaitive with a new summer campaign, with a new short film, “The Way Kids See It”. The campaign aims to inspire families to create a brighter future by living more sustainably as part of Unilever’s long-term initiative to make sustainable living commonplace.

21/05/2014  |  Full story...

Coke drones deliver ‘happiness from the skies’ in Singapore

Guest workers make up a significant part of Singapore's total workforce, but often get little recognition for their labour. Coca-Cola Singapore and the Singapore Kindness Movement embarked on a project to bring "Happiness from the Skies", to show that a little kindness goes a long way to bring Singaporeans and guest workers closer.

15/05/2014  |  Full story...

Subservient Chicken squawks again: Burger King revamps viral pioneer

Burger King is resurrecting its 10 year old viral marketing phenomenon ‘Subservient Chicken’- a 24 hour webcam that sees a man in a chicken suit perform any request submitted online. The video has attracted nearly 7 million views on YouTube just 7 days since going online.

Watch the promo video here:

07/05/2014  |  Full story...

Most boring ad ever made’ gets exciting viewing figures

Forget dancing babies, star-studded ensembles and big budget action- this 45 minute video of a Leica Camera being polished has created quite a stir on the internet for being the most tedious ad ever created.

The Most Boring Ad Ever Made? from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

07/05/2014  |  Full story...

Case study: BMW runs ‘ultimate driver’ InSkin ad

BMW used a page takeover format to promote its latest 2 Series Coupé following a competition to search for an ‘ultimate driver’ for the car maker. The firm worked with InSkin Media using a PageSkin ad format running across several high profile websites, featuring video integration and strong, viewable brand messaging. From the 40 finalists who took part in the Ultimate Driver track day, one man stood out. Duncan Smart, in the new BMW 2 Series Coupe, proved himself worthy of becoming BMW’s Ultimate Driver. The Pageskin format wraps around entire web pages in a takeover style, only served on screens that are large enough to display them in full. BMW could maximise campaign reach across multiple premium publishers through a single, fully optimized creative that remains in the user's eyeline for maximum brand recall.

View a demo of the Page Skin ad here


Content marketing case study: Paddle Pop digital webisodes boost ice cream sales by 43%

Unilever's Indonesian ice cream brand Paddle Pop created a new kids entertainment franchise based around its mascot. This case study looks at how the cross media marketing campaign boosted sales up to 43% in some territories.

MAX/Paddle Pop 2012 from sangsara on Vimeo.

25/04/2014  |  Full story...

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs marketing stunt reveals what Facebook knows about you

In April 2014, Ubisoft promoted its digital espionage game Watch Dogs with a site that scrapes publicly available information from Facebook to show users how much of their data is in the public domain… and how it could be exploited.

Watch this trailer showing how the tool works below:

23/04/2014  |  Full story...

Heart-warming Thai insurance ad gets 6 million views in a week

Thai Life used a longform YouTube video to tell a heart-warming tale of an unsung hero who never gets rewarded for his acts of kindness. Or so it seems. This case study looks at how the Bangkok-based insurance firm used the 'Unsung Hero' ad to get 6 million views after being posted on YouTube for just a week.

16/04/2014  |  Full story...

Evian baby takes on Spider-Man with SnapChat teaser

Evian has continued its hugely successful dancing babies series with a new ad featuring Spider-Man, as the new superhero movie hits the cinemas. Evian’s social media agency We Are Social create buzz around the video with glimpses of the ad sent to the brand’s Snapchat followers on Saturday 21 March. Laurence Foucher, the global digital manager for Evian, said of the decision to introduce the ad on Snapchat: "Snapchat’s ephemeral nature is perfect for sending teasers to build excitement, which makes it the perfect platform to preview our next campaign."

14/04/2014  |  Full story...

April Fools' round-up: HTC’s Gluuv, Vegemite Energy drink and Google’s Pokemon challenge

April Fool’s Day has become a major event in the digital calendar, with many brands and media owners creating elaborate pranks to show off their funny side (and get plenty of social media shares and column inches in the process). We’ve put together some of the best hoaxes from this year's batch for your viewing pleasure…

11/04/2014  |  Full story...

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