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Welcome to your Digital Training Academy: a great way to boost your knowledge and skills, helping you and your team get the most from digital marketing, publishing and communications.

All of us here at Digital hope you'll enjoy your Digital Training Academy, but we also hope you'll instantly be able to achieve more in your firm.

Learning the tools of the digital networked economy can take time, and your Academy has been created to give you a sudden boost in knowledge, and practical tips and models for how to implement it. Many of our Academy Authors have been teaching digital media and marketing for more than a decade, and by sharing our experiences we can help you learn the fast way.

This briefing tells you more about how your Digital Training Academy works, what will happen in the face-to-face part of your Academy, and what happens after graduation. Your Academy Manager will be in touch with more specific details about topics and specific learning outcomes.

How do we train?Watch this short introduction and audio lecture to learn how your Digital Training Academy works.

Look out for more news ahead of your Academy.

Wishing you the best of success from all @ Digital,
Danny Meadows-Klue


 Digital Training Academy - building stronger digital teams
Digital Insight Report

Meet your academy manager
Each Digital Training Academy has a dedicated Academy Manager who works alongside your tutor, managing the classroom, lessons, learning and follow up. They will be in touch with you directly and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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Doors open at your Digital Classroom
We often support a Digital Training Academy with one of our Digital Classrooms, a web based space you can use as a resource that supports the face-to-face learning. This might include links to further materials, a place to post questions to your tutor, or a place to simply recap key elements of the Academy.
Look out for the passwords coming from your Academy Manager.

Ahead of your Academy: research briefings on the way
Before your face to face training we aim to send you some research briefings and materials by e-mail. Look out for these, and if you have questions then ask your Academy Manager.
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Cutting through the jargon
One of our pledges for every Digital Training Academy is to cut through the jargon that still plagues our industry. You can save up your jargon questions for your Academy Tutor, or take a look at our Digital Jargon Buster (if your word isn't there then let us know and we'll add it).
Digital Jargon Buster | Download the PDF Jargon booklet

 Digital Knowledge - making learning easier

As a participant in a Digital Training Academy you will have access to our research services.

Joining the graduate programme
On completion of your Academy we'll add you to our graduate programme so you receive our regular research briefings. These include the monthly Digital Intelligence and the regular Digital Insight Reports.
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Digital Insight Reports
In times of huge economic and technical change, knowledge becomes your critical success factor. Digital Insight Reports interpret the digital landscape to show you what matters. They are designed to support our learners and clients, and here are just a couple of examples.

Digital Insight ReportsJoin the party
Online communities have fast become the must-have component for every website. Media groups are shifting their strategies, placing people at the heart of communication. This simple introductory Digital Insight Report will get you thinking about communities.
Preview ReportPreview report

Digital Insight ReportsWeb marketing for smaller firms
If you're a small firm, getting your web marketing off the ground can be a real challenge. Simply knowing what needs doing or where to start might seem daunting, but there are some simple steps and well-trodden paths that will make it both easier and faster for you.
Preview ReportPreview report

Digital Intelligence Digital Insight Report
Our monthly digest of key research and milestones in the progression of digital marketing and communications.

Danny Meadows-Klue
"Getting digital channels right isn't a choice any more, it's an essential part of making a firm succeed. We created your Academy to boost your knowledge and get your team on the fast track."

Danny Meadows-Klue
Founder and CEO
Digital Training Academy and Digital Strategy Consulting
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