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Facebook iconDigital marketing in Latin America - a snapshot of the world's fastest growing online population

Latin America represents a huge opportunity for digital marketers, with the world's fastest growing online population, hungry for social, video and mobile content. The region is home to five of the most engaged social networking markets worldwide, with an online audience that is fast embracing video and mobile advertising.
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Internet users and local penetration: South America

This chart details internet users across South American nations (and relative percentage of total local populations). Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile have the highest penetration of online populations, whereas Ecuador, Paraguay and Bolivia have the lowest number of online citizens.

Digital Strategy - Internet users and local penetration: South America
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Young, Mobile and Growing: The State of US Hispanic Consumers

More than 52 million strong and representing the majority of population growth over the next five years, Latinos have become prominent in all aspects of American life. A growing, evolving population, Latinos are a fundamental component to future business success, with a buying power of $1 trillion in 2010 that is projected to grow 50 percent to $1.5 trillion in 2015.
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Latin America: Cookie deletion leads to severe audience over-estimates

There is a discrepancy between server-based and panel-based data and reveals that cookie deletion that can lead to large overstatements in server logs' measurement of the size of online audiences, according to a new study in Latin America. The study, from comScore, found that without appropriate adjustments, server-based audience reports can be inflated up to 2.5 times the actual number of unique visitors. The study analyzes behaviours in Latin America, including individual market analysis for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.
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Video engagement in Spain and Latin America

Viewers in Spain displayed the strongest video engagement, averaging 17 hours per viewer during the month of October. Countries ranked by hours of video watched per viewer.
Digital Strategy - Video engagement in Spain and Latin America
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Video audience in Spain and Latin America

Approximately 85% of home and work Internet users viewed online video during the month of October. Countries ranked bu total unique users.
Digital Strategy - Video audience in Spain and Latin America
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Mobile marketing in Latin America? Tips from our digital strategists

While ownership of Internet-connected PCs might still be relatively low across the region - and reserved mainly for the more affluent city-dweller - mobile phone ownership is more wide spread and growing rapidly. The mobile device offers a great way for marketers to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world and you don't have to rely on the latest, most sophisticated smartphones to engage your audience. Why not think about the options that can be offered by shortcodes text back response, SMS, Interactive Voice Response and automated outbound dialling?

Social marketing in Latin America? Tips from our digital strategists

As more and more people connect to the Internet in Latin America, time spent social networking is exploding (on sites like Facebook and Vostu). It's one of the primary motivations for going online. As they do, marketers have the opportunity to reach and engage an interconnected audience and build brand reputation through the spread of positive word of mouth. But in order to be successful in social marketing you need to listen first, then plan before entering into the conversation. Once you are engaged in a dialogue, manage the responses carefully so you can maximise the benefits of brand advocates and minimise the risk of negative PR.

Website design in Latin America? Tips from our digital strategists

If you're working on a global brand, remember that the beautiful site their New York agency has created might be designed for high-bandwidth markets. Always look at the load times to ensure your consumers see your message quickly. Ditch the flash and the heavy images: it's better to be there, than be pretty but never get loaded!

Adspend growth in emerging markets: Global

This chart depicts the projected growth of global adspend between 2011-2014. It is predicted that 60% of the world's adspend growth over this 3-year period will come from developing markets. Projections show that by 2014, Brazil will be the fifth largest contributor to the global advertising market.

Digital Strategy - Adspend growth in emerging markets: Global
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Citizen journalism - Latin America takes the lead

Attitudes to user-generated content differ around the world, with Latin America leading the world for 'citizen journalism', according to new research. 47% of internet users in Brazil and 44% in Argentina read UGC on newspaper websites, compared to only 35% in the UK and 26% in Germany, according to the study from Kantar Media.
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Case study: 'The man who gave everything away'- social media stunt gets retailer 54% sales increase

South American retail chain Homecentre Sodimac used an unconventional marketing method to increase sales by 54% during the 'Homecentre House Season' with the campaign 'The man who gave everything away'. This case study shows how with the campaign Homecentre created a viral effect with a common man giving away everything he owned. The campaign was to create a suspense about an ordinary man who has come up with a peculiar idea of giving away everything he owns and only and the end he reveals the reason - The Homecentre season sale. Thus, subtly emphasising the sale being so good that he wanted to get rid of his possession to be able to shop. This was done by a creation of a Facebook page with videos, picture and updates of things being given away and the date when it would be done.

Digital Intelligence - Case study The man who gave everything away social media stunt gets retailer 54% sales increase

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Social media case study: Copa Airlines uses Facebook page to increase brand engagement and sales

Copa Airlines with a social marketing campaign 'Passport America' to grows its' Facebook fan base, generates and awareness and increase ticket sales on its website. The campaign resulted in 59% conversion and ROI expanded to 50 times. A total of 279,000 users registered for the promotion and 1.3 million invitations were sent out. This Facebook-centric campaign featured the prize draw of a lifetime: a Grand Prize consisting of round trip airfare for the winner and a guest to each of Copa's 59 destinations. To enter, people registered through Facebook Connect and to keep people engaged and the momentum going additional chances to win were integrated at different levels, including their social muscle could help them win.

Digital Intelligence - Social media case study Copa Airlines uses Facebook page to increase brand engagement and sales

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Facebook case study: Patio Batel donates books for 'likes' to create awareness and engage

Ahead of the frantic Christmas shopping season, Patio Batel the newest and most glamorous shopping centre in Curitiba, Brazil used a Facebook campaign to generate buzz around its grand opening. Patio Batel used Facebook to generate donations of books, with one 'like' equalling one donation. Using Facebook as the main platform for the campaign, the strategy was to reach as many people as possible with ads and social awareness. People could donate their books on the street and, at the same time, share this act online by inviting their friends to participate. The campaign resulted in attaining the desired results of 5,000 likes in 30% less time. It also resulted in reaching out to 4,468,482 people and generating a donation of more than 10,000 books in 20 days. More than 7,800 books were donated through Facebook.
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Digital case study: Ace uses soap-opera style mystery to create awareness and triple sales

The Brazilian campaign saw detergent brand Ace use consumer insight and an integrated use of media to reach 8.7 million people in less than three months. Ace created a campaign in soap opera style, an episode with 5 different endings, presenting five suspects for a great mystery: Whose is the grubby bra? The suspects defended themselves. The mystery was heated trough placement in TV shows, films on Facebook page and consistently engaging digital content. It also led to word of mouth in Twitter, blogs, radio stations talking about it and parody. The campaign reached 2.3 million people on Facebook with more than 60,000 fans and 227,000 visualizations on YouTube.

Digital Intelligence - Digital case study Ace uses soap-opera style mystery to create awareness and triple sales

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Gamification case study: Allianz uses popular game to create awareness about insurance

Worldwide insurance company Allianz transformed the popular game Frogger into a live interactive experience on Facebook. By creating a virtual game, Allianz advice the consumers in an entertaining way that everyone can easily prevent real-life dangers. Allianz integrated the realtime heavy São Paulo traffic feeds with the popular game to create the Facebook App and generate awareness through a fun way. This was achieved by placing a 24/7 camera on the rooftop of a building that live-streams the view of a busy street. Using the Facebook app, people can log in to help the amphibians cross safely to the other side of the road while jumping in between real cars.

Digital Intelligence - Gamification case study Allianz uses popular game to create awareness about insurance

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Global Facebook audience growth over past 5 years - Latin America leads the way

Facebook's reach amongst the total internet audience has continued to increase over the past five years across all regions, according to research from comScore. Globally, Facebook reached 12 percent of the internet audience in December 2007 and as of December 2011 the social network reached over half of the internet audience, 55 percent (43 percentage point rise).
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Top global brands on Facebook - Fan engagement highest in emerging markets (infographic)

Just days before the most anticipated initial public offering in history, new data looks at how powerful the 901 million-member Facebook platform is for big brands looking to expand their global footprint and penetrate emerging markets. The study, from social media analytics provider Socialbakers, found that Kraft had the fastest growing brands globally, with three products (Halls, Trident and Chiclets) in the top 5 movers.

Digital Strategy - Top global brands on Facebook - Fan engagement highest in emerging markets
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Latin America most Socially-Engaged global region - report

More than 127 million Latin Americans ages 15 and older visited a social networking destination from a home or work computer in April 2012, with the average visitor spending 7.5 hours social networking during the month, according to new research.
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Latin America: Social networking overtakes portals for first time

Social networking has become the dominant online sector in Latin America, with Facebook accounting for 1 in every 4 minutes spent online, according to new data. The research, from comScore, looked at Latin America's key digital trends of the past year and what they mean for the year ahead.
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Facebook hires Google exec to boost Latin America growth

Facebook has lured away another Google executive as it continues its march into major international markets. The popular social networking service has hired Alexandre Hohagen, who helped establish Google's presence in Latin America, to be its vice president for sales in the region. In a recent interview, David Fischer, vice president of advertising and global operations, said the hire was part of an international expansion to reach markets and marketers everywhere.
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Global Facebook audience growth over past 5 years - Latin America leads the way

Facebook's reach amongst the total internet audience has continued to increase over the past five years across all regions, according to research from comScore. Globally, Facebook reached 12 percent of the internet audience in December 2007 and as of December 2011 the social network reached over half of the internet audience, 55 percent (43 percentage point rise).
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Top search engine destination sites: Latin America

Facebook ranked as the second most popular search destination in Latin America (after Google sites) with 525 million searches and a 2.8% share of total searches for the region. Microsoft sites ranked third with 513 million searches and a 2.8% share.
Digital Strategy - Top search engine destination sites: Latin America
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Growth in search query volume, 2010-2011: Latin America

Between March 2010 and March 2011, Latin America conducted 18.5 billion searches - an increase of 21% from the previous year. Brazil and Colombia showed the strongest growth rates at 25% and 20% respectively.

Digital Strategy - Growth in search query volume, 2010-2011: Latin America
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Google 'accounts for 9 of 10 searches in Latin America'

In the past year searches in Latin America surged 21 percent to more than 18.5 billion queries in March 2011, with the typical searcher conducting 167 queries during the month, according to new research. The study, from comScore, found that Google Sites held a strong lead as the top search destination, accounting for 90 percent of all searches conducted in the region.
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Argentina flagMobile trends in Argentina - Smartphones and tablets taking bigger share of web use

Mobile use in Argentina is on the rise, with Android accounting for the largest share of mobile webpage views, while iPads lead the tablet market, according to new research. The study, from comScore, looked at connected device usage in Argentina from its Device Essentials service. The report found that digital media consumption via connected devices (including mobile phones, tablets, etc.) accounted for 2.1 percent of all Internet page views in March 2012. Of this non-computer traffic, mobile phones drove 70.4 percent of traffic, while tablets accounted for 25.2 percent.
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Argentina online ad spend up 117% in 2011

Online marketing is soaring in Argentina, with $ 1,147m was spent on advertising in Internet during 2011, representing a growth of 117% compared to 2010 ($528m). The data, from the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Argentina (IAB), indicates that the Internet was the fastest growing medium, ahead of newspapers with a growth of 37.4%, and magazines with a rise of 34.1%.
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Brazil flagBrazil: Understanding the scale of change of online audiences and digital media in Brazil

The pace of change continues to be rapid with digital channels constantly growing in volume and strength. More people spend more time online every year, and the digital tools and sites they use play an ever-growing role in their lives. Smart marketers keep on top of the scale of change and ensure their marketing strategies and touchpoints mirror where the consumer is spending their time. This Market Overview gives a sense of the scale of change we've seen so far and implies the scale of what is yet to come.
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Facebook engagement by age: Brazil

The 15-24 group lead the way in terms of volume of hours spent on Facebook. However, users in the 15+ age range account for the second highest level of engagement with 4.5 hours spent on the site per month, demonstrating the high level of adoption throughout Brazil.

Digital Strategy - Facebook engagement by age: Brazil
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Growth in social network users, 2010-2011: Brazil

Between December 2010 and December 2011, Brazil was a high growth area for Facebook, increasing the number of its unique users by 192%. Latin America specific social network Vostu, which specialises in online gaming platforms, made significant headway in 2010-2011, by growing its user base by 338%.

Digital Strategy - Growth in social network users, 2010-2011: Brazil
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Brazil online ad spend to increase 40% in 2012

Online ad spend in Brazil is set to grow by 39%, according to new data from IAB Brazil's Indicadores de Mercado. The trade body notes that overall billing for online advertising in Brazil in 2011 totalled 3.33 billion reales (US$1.6 billion) and predicts that it will grow to 4.6 billion reales (US$2.3 billion) in 2012. IAB Brazil's calculations take into account both display and search advertising.
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Top 5 display advertisers in Brazil

There has been an influx of online brand campaigns in Brazil, with 17 top national brand advertisers delivering more than 1 billion impressions in the quarter. The study, from comScore, looked at the display advertising market in Brazil. The findings indicate that 190.5 billion display ads were delivered to Brazil's Internet population during the first quarter of 2012.
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Google's Schmidt banks on Brazil for social media success

Google chief executive, Eric Schmidt, has described how South America is the search company's fastest growing region. Schmidt who is soon to be re-deployed as chairman after founder Larry Page takes the reins in April, gave an interview over the weekend from Buenos Aires where he gave clues as to the search-giant's new social media strategy in Latin America.
"Virtually all the countries are growing 50 to 100 per cent revenue growth. That is a lot due to the effect of the economic recovery from a global recession, but also the development of broadband and the development of the electronic commerce. We benefit particularly well as people move to the internet," he said.
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Colombia flagColombia online ad spend up 50%

Online ad spend in Colombia grew 49.52% during the fourth quarter of 2011 with a figure of 38.122 million pesos ($21m), according to new data. According to IAB Colombia, the growth compares to an adspend of 25.496 million pesos in 2010 during the same period.
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Mexico flagMexico online ad spend up 36% in 2011 - Automotive and financial services lead the way

Online ad spend in Mexico exceeded 30% for the third year in a row, according to the May 2012 Interactive Advertising Bureau México (IAB México). The report, entitled "Estudio de Inversión Publicitaria Online en México-Resultados de 2011," indicates that online ad spend in Mexico rose 36% last year to reach MXN4.6 billion ($370 million).
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Internet use in Mexico - strong growth, broadening market, but massive untapped potential

The rise of internet use in marketing is happening much faster in Mexico. From the pavement cafes of Polanco to the glass box skyscrapers of Santa Fe, in Mexico City Danny Meadows-Klue finds a growing internet economy and ambitious marketers readily using online tools from search to mobile and keen to exploit everything social media has to offer in Mexico.
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Peru flagPeru: Comscore audience research expansion continues

Google, Microsoft and Facebook rank as the most-visited Internet properties in Peru, while portal sites account for one-third of Peruvian Internet users' time online, according to new data from comScore. The findings come from comScore's first public study of Internet usage in Peru based on data from its online audience measurement and media planning service, comScore Media Metrix.
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Share of total online minutes by top categories: Peru

Portals accounted for the largest share of time spent online in April 2011, followed by social networking and instant messengers.
Digital Strategy - Share of total online minutes by top categories Peru
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Top internet properties by total unique visitors: Peru

4 million people (aged 15+) accessed the internet in Peru during April 2011, spending an average of 24.4 hours online. Google sites led as the most visited online property with 3.9 million unique visitors, but Microsoft led in engagement with visitors averaging 8.6 hours on the property.
Digital Strategy - Top internet propeties by total unique visitors Peru
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Global web ad poll: Emerging markets 'more open to online ads than mature markets'

Consumers in mature markets (including the UK) are less receptive to online advertising than those in emerging markets, while all users prefer integrated ad formats, according to a new global study. The research, conducted by Microsoft Advertising, MEC and Mindshare Worldwide, revealed a contrast in receptiveness to online advertising between the more mature markets - UK, France, Spain, Canada, Japan and US - and emerging markets like Brazil, China, Mexico, Russia and India.
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