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Digital Training Academy Graduate Programme

Congratulations on completing your Digital Training Academy. We trust you enjoyed the Academy, and look forward to hearing about how you apply what we covered. Alongside the material in your online classroom, this page directs you to additional resources available as part of the Graduate Programme.

Welcome to the Digital Training Academy graduate programme

Now you've completed your Digital Training Academy, our graduate programme kicks in. We'll be supporting you for the next year with additional research briefings that will come by e-mail. I'll send you the Digital Intelligence news-wire that rounds up some of the most useful research in the industry, some of our Digital Thought Leader interviews, and the next couple of Digital Insight Reports we write, and probably some news about what else Digital's team are up to. There's no extra charge and you can opt-out at any time.

Now log on to your classroom for private tuition

We gave you the details of how to get into your classroom but if you need reminding then mail your Tutor. That space is there for you, and over the next few weeks our tutors will be dropping by to answer the questions and comments you make. It's a rare chance to get expert advice for free!

Log onto the Digital Classroom for public courses

Maybe we have other marketing, publishing and business resources you could use?

We teach 40 different sets of digital skills, so if you have questions about other digital topics then ask us and we'll see if there's additional resources we can point you to.

What's next? Look out for online exercises and research

The face-to-face part of your Academy may be over, but we'll often try to send you other useful materials. Before the Academy you had the chance to work through some of our research and try an exercise or two. Now you've completed the formal part of the training, we'll look out for some further exercises, research or tips that could help you put into practice what you've covered. Let us know if there are specific areas that build on what we covered together.

What motivates us?

As business trainers and marketing coaches all of us get a real kick out of seeing the way people and their companies change after our Digital Training Academies. It may sound cheesy, but at Digital our business isn't simply about delivering training; it's about changing the way firms and their teams behave. Training is our tool, but the goal is always saving your budgets or using them to achieve much more.

Keep up that thirst for training!

Training is critical in our industry. There remains this massive gulf between the companies that get digital channels right and the companies that fail to get it at all. It's a big deal, and yet effective training can turn things around, fast.

From digital strategy to the craft skills of blogging, from social media to media planning, Digital's Tutors can help new recruits get up to speed, help existing practitioners polish their skills, or coach board directors through interpreting the new landscape. Our knowledge is 'digital', but our passion is teaching, and we customise and craft these Digital Training Academies to give exactly what each firm needs.

Your actions? Pledge you'll do 3 things

After your Academy, pledge to do three things, within the next working week. Pledge it to yourself, as well as us. Sometimes after training people want to change their whole world, and your Digital Action Plans are probably brimming with ideas, but focusing on just three tangible tasks, makes it manageable, clear and immediate. Once you've completed them, take another look; maybe there are three more? Remember we created the Digital Training Academy to help people and companies unlock their potential; it's applying what you learn now that's key.

And some extra hands-on support if you need it

Remember that alongside the Digital Training Academy we have a team at Digital Strategy who can help fast-track digital ideas and projects to get them in place. If you're hitting some barriers in implementing digital ideas then give us a call or simply email us; we might be able to help you hurdle them.

Digital marketing training updates

To keep your knowledge fresh, here are some of the recent training updates you should have received as a graduate from one of our digital marketing training and development programmes.

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