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There are several reasons for advertising in all leading search engines:
1. Everywhere you pay for clicks only and as long as your keyword strategy is appropriate, you can receive high quality traffic from all search engines
2. The biggest search engine tends to have the highest CPC, especially if you want to keep high positions for your ads
3. You can easily transfer your advertising campaign from one search engine to any others (using xls. file or consultant assistance)
4. Generally, other search engines can offer you better service and some unique features. In case you have campaign in NetSprint you can expect:
- consultant assistance
- easier management of your budget (i.e. you can set both max CPC and fixed CPC prices)
- products that support your brand awareness (i.e. Adkontekst Exclusive)
- high quality contextual network (more than 10.000.000 unique users monthly) with full control of the sites, where your ads are presented

Academy Participant:

Should I advertise in many search engines or just in the biggest one?

Yes. Freshness of content on your website has an impact on frequency of spider’s visits, and also potentially can increase your rank in search engines.

Academy Participant:

Does refreshing content affects the indexing frequency by search engines?

Tutor - Danny Meadows-Klue:

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