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Analytics is key to getting more from all of your digital marketing. it can help improve the effectiveness of your website's role in the business by showing you precisely how people use the site, what is working well and what isn't performing. It can uncover business challenges long before your traditional metrics will pick them up, and when in the right skilled hands can drive the development of your products and services; providing the most valuable of feedback channels. On the Digital Analytics Academy, we’ll help you take the next step in harnessing website and email analytics.

Getting the most from web analytics

Analytics is key to getting more from all of your website, your digital marketing and your organisation. It can help improve the effectiveness of your website's role in the business by showing you precisely how people use the site, what is working well and what isn't performing. In the right hands it can uncover business challenges long before your traditional metrics will pick them up, and act as a nervous system for the organisation. In the right skilled hands analytics can even drive the development of your online and offline products and services providing the most valuable of feedback channels. On the Digital Analytics Academy we’ll help you take the next step in harnessing website and email analytics. For newcomers to the industry there’s a lot to learn, and even for experienced web publishers it’s vital to keep up with best practice in such a rapidly changing market.

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What questions will we answer?

In this intensive one-day Academy, you’ll learn the answers to these key questions:

  • How do you get more knowledge out of your existing data?
  • How do you communicate the insights effectively to stakeholders?
  • How do you select indicators for the organizations performance from all the analytics available?
  • What’s the role of classic channels and how can metrics from those activities be integrated?

Digital Analytics Academy learning outcomes

  • Understanding website traffic, audiences, and the science of decision making
  • Confidence about where web analytics fits in an organization
  • The role of analytics in customer acquisition and traffic generation
  • An ability to overcome common problems in website analytics
  • Confidently reading website analytics reports and calculating page content types (themes
  • Tracking data over time and selecting key performance indicators
  • Ability to segment customers into target groups
  • Reading search analytics reports and describing the results
  • Using analytics in website design
  • Applying analytics in email campaign management
  • Advanced analytics: from WebTrends and Core Metrics to Google – knowing what the tools deliver
  • Advanced analytics: Knowing how to select the right metrics for your organization
  • Appreciating the role of split run testing and multivariate testing
  • Ability to begin building your digital dashboard
  • Writing your analytics plan

How can this analytics training be customized?

The in-company editions of the web analytics training courses can be customised to focus on specific analytics challenges your business faces, and to work with the existing analytics tools you have available. These analytics courses are designed to work well for newcomers to digital, senior leadership teams and the web publishing teams responsible for day to day activities.

Web analytics: Get started with this audio lecture

If you’re studying on a Digital Training Academy programme, then this short orientation to some of the basic concepts gives you the chance to recap some of the basic concepts in web analytics. For experienced digital marketers it will probably simply reconfirm things you’ll already know, while for marketers new to the web it can help focus how analytics can drive decision-making. If you have questions then email your Academy Manager when you finish the session. The audio lecture lasts around 15 minutes and plays straight from the web page.

View the lesson: Counting what counts

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Case study: FRM SurePoint Lending | Sector: Finance | Format: Analytics, website

FRM SurePoint LendingKnowing it had to compete with entrenched online lenders, FRM approached interactive firm Agency.com to develop a world-class website and deliver effective interactive marketing campaigns to help ensure the success of its new venture. In doing so, FRM joined a distinguished roster of Agency.com clients that have tapped the agency’s interactive marketing and website development expertise, including 3M, British Airways, BrownCo, Discovery Networks, T-Mobile UK and Visa.

Download the case study | www.surepoint.com

Digital Classroom: Questions about analytics?

Big_classroom_3 Here's the place to post them. Is there something you did not understand? Is there a new point you would like to make? Are there any new issues that you have discovered now you are applying your knowledge? Use this space to make your comments and to ask your questions.

Try to include the title of the topic discussed during the keynote that your question relates to (if there is one). Putting this at the start will help other participants find the topics they are interested in. The classroom is open for one month and materials will stay here as a reference point for you for a further year.

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Best practice: Publisher analytics

With the advent of the web, every brand became a publisher. Web publishing demands strong analytics to drive product development and marketing strategy, yet most web publishers barely listen to their audiences. We developed Digital’s 5 Ps of Publishing Analytics as a way of giving publishers clarity about general audience measures that would be useful for their key performance indicators and digital dashboards. These simple notes are to support one small part of the management coaching workshops we run for website owners. We hope you find them useful and if you want to talk about them then post your questions in the online classroom discussion space at the top of this page http://www.digitaltrainingacademy.com/analytics

Download materials

Lecture: Introduction to tracking online advertising

Danny Meadows-Klue discusses how Web Analytics have developed over the last few years and how online web analytics has really moved on. The incredible potential of online advertising only works when you get your web analytics right.

Lecture: Tracking online advertising

In this one hour lecture, Danny Meadows-Klue shows how to get your analytics sorted for tracking the effectiveness of online advertising. Drawn from our full day Academy, this keynote session tackles what to count, how to count, why to count and even who should be doing the counting. Based on face to face research in Academies across Europe since late 2004, we've identified the common mistakes of publishers, agencies and advertisers. Get web analytics right and it transforms your marketing; fail to tackle it properly and you'll never know what's working. Watch the video lecture and follow the slides by downloading our PDF handouts.

Download the report | Post your questions in our Web Analytics Academy classroom

Research: Web audiences in media properties

Subject: http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details/guardian.co.uk

Alexa provides a fast and convenient snapshot of online audiences that anyone can take a look at. The data analysis tool, now owned by Amazon, tracks the trails of a massive panel of users by recording each and every page they visit. The panel lacks the representation of the higher end online measurement tools, but provides a useful starting point for measuring the relative reach, page traffic or user levels between sites. In this case the daily reach in the UK for five online newspapers is compared.

Research: New metrics for a new era

netratings1.jpgHats off to the NetRatings team in London for some really savvy insights into how to crunch audience data. These graphs show new ways to measure the elusive form of 'engagement' based on a blend of the time spent with a site, the number of pages viewed and the involvement of the viewer. As the online industry struggles for smarter ways to think through these issues, this is a real leap forward in understanding.

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30 March 2007: Web Analytics Academy @ Emetrics Summit in London

Academy training notes you can download from the Digital Web Analytics Academy

Learn what to count, how to count it, and how to use what you count. In Web Analytics Academy you'll discover why most web businesses are flying blind, failing to have the right key performance indicators in place, and why many more waste energy tracking the wrong thing altogether. Find out what to trust and what to ignore. Get it right and your marketing becomes truly trackable and your KPIs really meaningful.
Download the report | Post your questions in our Web Analytics Academy classroom

Optimising online advertising

Past, present and future: 5 steps in getting optimisation right

Optimisers are the unsung heroes of digital marketing. On their shoulders rests all the potential of targeting, accountability and media efficiency the web promises. It's a theme I started exploring back in the late 90s when it became clear that the guys who were close to the data for media groups knew more about how to increase advertiser success and satisfaction than just about anyone else. With the right analytics comes the right data, and with the right data come the insights to optimise; with these come the delivery of the promise of accountability and precision in digital marketing. And that was the theme of this talk. I explored the time-line of the cutting edge of web advertising optimisation through its first decade - from 1998 to 2008. This session explores how the battleground has shifted from simple media efficiency issues (managing the frequency and day-parting of banners and skyscrapers), to the more complex and richer models of behavioural targeting, and what lies ahead in the consumer centric advertising landscape of the digital networked society. To help firms quickly see the shape of the challenge, we included a simple five step plan for how our team approach working through the optimisation process, helping forms get the right capability and insights in place. Questions about this web analytics paper should go to Danny@DigitalStrategyConsulting.com

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Best Practice: NetInsight: 12 tips for getting more from data

SCL AnalyticsWeb Analytics solutions provider Unica gave us these tips for getting more from the NetTracker and Affinium NetInsight platforms.They’re big on setting actionable KPIs to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, SEO or helping website owners decide what action to take to enhance the performance of their website.

Affinium NetInsight | 12 cool things you can do with NetInsight
AirMiles Case Study | UNICEF Case Study

Best Practice: Rich Internet Application Ad Measurement Guidelines

The Rich Internet Application Ad Measurement Guidelines determine at what point an ad impression is counted in rich internet application environments built with technologies such as AJAX and JSON. These guidelines specifically address online browser or browser-equivalent based Internet activity, where page content changes and ad serving are no longer linked. The guidelines are applicable to Internet media companies and ad-serving organizations.

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Best Practice: Video Games Interactive Advertising Platform Status Report

"The Video Game Interactive Advertising Platform Status Report" provides a detailed overview of the current state of advertising in and around video games. Developed by the IAB Games Committee, the report outlines the myriad opportunities for advertisers to reach and engage consumers in the highly immersive environment of video games. To showcase the variety of games, advertising formats and insights for successful campaigns the Committee will host a seminar for agencies and marketers on November 6 in New York City, For more information on the seminar, or to download the complete report, please visit www.iab.net/standards/games.aspx

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Digital Thought Leaders: Jim Sterne

Jim SterneJim Sterne - CEO Target Marketing

Jim Sterne has been exploring online marketing for more than a decade. His new-found passion for web optimization has seen him dubbed "the godfather of web analytics". Now he's on a crusade for effective web marketing that delves into the heart of the firm itself. Analytics unlock the full benefits from all existing website investment, yet many businesses are only scratching the surface, and most are yet to start.

Download Jim Sterne Thought Leaders Report

Lecture support materials: The devil is in the detail (and the detail is in the data)

19th March 2008, London

Download a few of the key takeouts from the latest Analytics Academy. These lecture notes accompany the full course materials delivered to participants at our workshops called “The devil is in the detail (and the detail is in the data)”. Part of our three day Web Analytics series, these sessions from the Digital Analytics Academy explore some of the strategic issues facing brands and media websites. Post your questions in the online classroom and contact Digital’s team directly to talk more about executive coaching or team workshops in website analytics.
Download materials

The Devil’s In the Detail... (And the detail is the data)

“The Internet is brilliant – you can measure everything”. How many times did you hear this phrase in the early days of digital marketing? A few years on, does the promise measure up to reality, or does this sound more familiar: “we’re drowning in numbers, but lacking in meaningful analysis” and “we’ve got half a dozen different versions of the truth”?

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Getting campaign measurement and optimization on the right track

European EMetrics Summit London, 20 May 2008

logo_emetrics.gifInternet advertising veteran Danny Meadows-Klue asks whether publishers explains that although publishers sell media space, advertisers are buying customers – and that’s where the problems start.

  • What metrics matter in optimizing online ad campaigns?
  • Can a little optimization really have a massive effect?
  • What are the trends in online advertising effectiveness that are impacting optimization and performance?

Danny lifts the lid on web advertising and argues that optimizers are the unsung heroes of the marketing industry and that these are tricks almost every brand is missing

Emetrics Summit London 2007

Emetrics_logoWelcome to the Emetrics Summit in London.

Danny Meadows-Klue joined the Emetrics Summit team to explore the challenges of measuring online advertising effectively in the world of Web 2.0 marketing and publishing. This Academy draws on themes facing data analysts today. There are ten core lessons and heaps of practical advice. Once you have downloaded the materials why not post a question in the classroom page here at the Digital Training Academy.

Video kindly produced by David White of search engine marketing firm, Weboptimiser Group Ltd.

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Dannymeadowsklue Danny has been a researcher and commentator in the digital networked industries since 1995. He managed the UK's first online newspaper and has helped run web businesses ranging from mass market portals and consumer magazines, to online stores, search and email services. Among his industry roles he is the co-founder and former chairman of the UK and European Internet and Interactive Advertising Bureau, and has been lecturing on digital marketing for more than a decade. He set up Digital Strategy Consulting in 2000 to help firms get the most from the digital networked economy.

If you'd like some more background about some of the things Danny has done in the internet marketing and publishing industries then there's a biography in our press centre.

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