Digital Acceleration Programme - Online edition: Brilliance across the basics

If you only have a small team in each country, there is now an online edition of this award-winning training programme that thousands of marketers have already completed ensuring any organisation can become "Brilliant Across The Basics" of the digital channel mix even if budgets for face to face programmes are not available.

This complete capability building programme transforms the digital knowledge, skills and confidence of your team - aligning them behind a shared vision of how digital can transform their brands, and giving them the approaches they need to succeed.

Overview of Digital Acceleration Programme

This is the foundation programme in the craft skills of digital marketing, showing teams how to use the full range of digital tools and channels to achieve the best results from their budget, time and agencies.

This programme ensures every marketer becomes "Brilliant Across the Basics" of the digital marketing mix. It includes the latest thinking on content marketing, relationship marketing, social, search, mobile, video, and web experience design - combining them together to ensure marketers can make effective choices and allocate budgets smartly.

World class strategists guide you through key areas such as:

  • Building consumer insight through digital tools
  • Owned media: Creating effective content, video and websites
  • Boosting the reach of your content through search engine discoverability
  • Paid media: Using online advertising effectively, online advertising creative design, maximising ROI from search engine advertising, effective online media planning
  • Earned media: Harnessing social tools and channels, boosting the reach of social media messages, blogger engagement
  • Digital media management: Using analytics to track performance and drive stronger agency management
  • Effective application of digital channels into an integrated communications plan

For the full syllabus and an overview of the approach, ask our tutors

Who should attend?

All marketers in an organisation where budgets or geography prevents face to face training from being an option.
In some organisations these programmes are also used for junior marketers as part of their wider marketing and business training.

Success outcomes for your team

  • An immediate shift in digital marketing knowledge and skills
  • Renewed confidence in how to apply digital marketing
  • A focus on effectiveness and return on investment
  • Transformed approached for agency management with greater accountability, and selection of the right KPIs to measure agency performance

Learning approach

  • Analysis of the needs of your teams
  • A kick off Live Meeting
  • 3 months of online guided-study
  • A range of supporting follow-up activities

Complete project management

Our digital strategy directors manage the whole programme, from registering participants to managing live meetings, to the briefing of HR stakeholders and reporting on the results.

  • Locations available: All countries
  • Number of participants: Up to 300
  • Set-up: 5-10 weeks depending on scope
  • Enquiries: or call +44 (0)20 7244 9661
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