Senior executive programmes

Giving your leadership team the competitive edge

As the business landscape continues changing, our programmes of workshops and coaching for leadership teams give your firm the edge it needs. Enjoy the freshest thinking, proven insights, and practical road maps to build a stronger digital strategy for your content, customers, marketing and commerce.

Media is changing, customers are changing, marketing is changing

Leading a team or a business in times of dramatic change is tough. Digital marketing has moved from the edge to the centre of the marcomms mix, and getting the digital strategy right has become a critical success factor for almost every business.

That’s why senior marketers and directors asked us to create the Digital Leadership Academy, and the supporting executive coaching programme. It accelerates the knowledge, skills and confidence of leadership teams, enabling them to make stronger decisions, faster. From how to build digital strategies, to managing internal resources; using digital channels in crisis management, to improving internal comms; these digital leadership training is customized to the specific needs facing you and your team today.

Places are only available to firms in the UK and Western Europe, and programmes can only be designed once strict confidentiality agreements are in place. We’ll build an entirely customized syllabus for your board of directors or leadership team, customizing the executive coaching programme to ensure a stepchange in the way your business works. Our management coaches work with you and your colleagues to identify key issues holding the company back, key financial and reputation risks you face, and key strategic weaknesses we can see in your current comms mix. The programmes are delivered through face to face workshops, private coaching sessions and self-study programmes to enable your team to lead as effectively in the digital arena as they have on other areas of activity.

To find our more, email so we can arrange a time to meet and talk through the issues and the different ways to address them. When the digital marketing strategy becomes this important, it demands your leadership team’s attention and without the right skills and knowledge in place, the team’s judgments simply won’t be as strong as you need. Every firm has to tackle this; we’ll ensure it’s tackled fast, effectively, and with the right results.

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