Internet market training courses

Examples of lectures at the Digital Training Academy

To help you learn about the way we coach internet marketers, online publishers and senior managers, we have made a couple of example lectures and workshops available for you online. To view them you simply need a broadband connection and speakers.

Web Analytics Academy: Get started with this audio lecture

If you’re studying on a Digital Training Academy programme, then this short orientation to some of the basic concepts gives you the chance to recap some of the basic concepts in web analytics. For experienced digital marketers it will probably simply reconfirm things you’ll already know, while for marketers new to the web it can help focus how analytics can drive decision-making. If you have questions then email your Academy Manager when you finish the session. The audio lecture lasts around 15 minutes and plays straight from the web page.

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Web Analytics Academy: Introduction to tracking online advertising

Danny Meadows-Klue discusses how Web Analytics have developed over the last few years and how online web analytics has really moved on. The incredible potential of online advertising only works when you get your web analytics right.

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Web Analytics Academy: Tracking online advertising

In this one hour lecture, Danny Meadows-Klue shows how to get your analytics sorted for tracking the effectiveness of online advertising. Drawn from our full day Academy, this keynote session tackles what to count, how to count, why to count and even who should be doing the counting. Based on face to face research in Academies across Europe since late 2004, we've identified the common mistakes of publishers, agencies and advertisers. Get web analytics right and it transforms your marketing; fail to tackle it properly and you'll never know what's working. Watch the video lecture and follow the slides by downloading our PDF handouts.

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Search Marketing Academy: Writing for Google

Getting your brand discovered in search engines demands paying constant attention to best practice. Writing for the web demands translating the language consumers use into language that fits into the key elements of the visible page content on your site. By using headlines you can tell Google and other search engines what is most important and help boost your rankings in natural search results for the terms that matter.

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