Digital Always-on Communication Planning

Always-on communication planning, coaching and consultancy to enable teams to deliver the maximum ROMI from their owned and earned digital media assets.

The DAP (Advanced) digital marketing training is a programme of Live Action Workshops, completely customised to the unique needs of your team and brands today. The focus is on "how-to" implement the key aspects of digital brilliantly, with strategists coaching your team, solving challenges together, and creating new plans to ensure your competitive edge.

Overview of Digital Always-on Communication Planning

This consultancy project forms part of the Digital Acceleration Programme building on the skills the Unilever teams have gained from the "Brilliance Across the Basics" training courses. It addresses the issue that faces many brand teams when digital marketing becomes part of their overall marketing mix. Unilever has developed and implements a world leading methodology for "Crafting Brands for Life" and building integrated campaigns to bring these brand experiences to life for consumers over set periods of the year. However managing and running digital activity means that brand teams have to manage and run this activity across 12 months of the year, 7 days a week. This has proved to be a challenge for many brand teams, particularly as in-house resourcing and production budgets have got tighter.

The always-on communication planning project works with individual brands or smaller brands within the same category, helping them develop always-on planning skills at the same time as building the brand's always-on plan. As such, each project is unique for that brand and market however key areas commonly addressed are:

  • Utilising global assets within an always-on environment
  • Developing a publishing strategy and editorial control structures
  • Digital ecosystem planning and integration to build owned and earned media value
  • Managing and developing low-cost local content production including video production and YouTube programming
  • Managing social media engagement and optimisation
  • Understanding social CRM and what it can do for a brand
  • Building successful on going email campaigns
  • Mobile CRM and management
  • Website traffic driving and optimisation
  • KPI setting, testing, tracking and optimisation
  • Agency partner management within a low touch outsourced environment

What you will learn and what will be delivered from the project

Using techniques developed within global category and media frameworks we will guide the teams and the agencies through a thorough audit of their current activity and assets before out strategists lead a hands-on advanced workshop over two days. During the workshop the strategists will work with the teams, and in part with their agencies, to analyse and agree the digital channels that are suitable for the target group within the market. Sharing best practice examples and using proven ideation/planning frameworks the strategists will co-create an outline always-on plan with the team and their agencies. The strategists will then work with them to agree on how to manage this plan on going within budget and resource constraints. This will include developing KPI scorecards and regular briefing, reporting and review frameworks.

For detail on the methodology and an overview of the approach, ask our tutors

Who should attend?

Any brand teams who are responsible for managing an always-on web presence such as a website, social media or mobile channel.

Success outcomes for your team

  • A strong always-on digital communication plan focussed on building brilliant brand experiences that satisfy real consumer needs and generate owned and earned media value for the brand
  • A structure that will ensure teams manage the agencies to generate the highest possible ROMI, rather than purely following agency guidance regarding always-on channels
  • An editorial management approach that works within internal resource constraints in terms of personnel time and budgets
  • Clear briefing in terms of expected KPI deliverables
  • Optimisation and testing best practice built into the plan to ensure consistent improvements and learning to improve ROMI
  • Increased skills in asset creation and management
  • Practical tips on maximising always-on media partnerships
  • Increased confidence and expertise for the team to manage agency budgets and resource requirements

Learning approach

  • Analysis of the brand and digital plans
  • Consumer insight
  • Programme design and scoping
  • Live Meeting project kick off
  • Training recap of basic principles
  • 2 days of intensive workshops based around your brand or team's key digital challenges and opportunities
  • Live Meetings and cascades

Complete project management

Our digital strategy directors manage the whole programme, from arranging calls and live meetings, managing travel and venues, to the briefing of stakeholders before workshops and the cascade of new digital plans after.

  • Locations available: All countries
  • Number of participants: Up to 25
  • Set-up: 4-8 weeks, depending on availability
  • Enquiries: or call +44 (0)20 7244 9661
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