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Welcome to your Digital Training Academy: a great way to boost your knowledge and skills, helping you and your team get the most from digital marketing, publishing and communications.

Here you can find links to additional resources and discover more about how your Digital Training Academy works, what will happen in the face-to-face part of your Academy, and what happens after graduation. Your tutor will be in touch with more specific details about topics and specific learning outcomes.

Meet your tutor

Each Digital Training Academy has a dedicated tutor, managing the classroom, lessons, learning and follow up. They will be in touch with you directly and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Send a message to your tutor

Doors open at your Digital Classroom

We often support a Digital Training Academy with one of our Digital Classrooms, a web based online learning resource to support the face-to-face learning. This might include links to further materials, a place to post questions to your tutor, or a place to simply recap key elements of the Academy.

Contact your tutor if you forget your user name or password

Ahead of your Academy: research briefings on the way

Before your face to face training we aim to send you some research briefings and materials by e-mail. Look out for these, and if you have questions then ask your tutor.

Let your tutor know if an email research briefing doesn't arrive soon

Digital Intelligence

Our monthly digest of key research and milestones in the progression of digital marketing and communications.

Digital Intelligence

Cutting through the jargon

One of our pledges for every Digital Training Academy is to cut through the jargon that still plagues our industry. You can save up your jargon questions for your tutor, or take a look at our Digital Jargon Buster (if your word isn't there then let us know and we'll add it).

Digital Jargon Buster

Digital Insight Reports

In times of huge economic and technical change, knowledge becomes your critical success factor. Digital Insight Reports interpret the digital landscape to show you what matters. They are designed to support our learners and clients, and here are just a couple of examples.

Read the Digital Insight Reports

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