Digital Booster Clinics: Tactical improvements for digital marketing campaigns, owned and earned media

Quick tactical advice from world-class experts to strengthen the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

This is how to give an immediate boost to the effectiveness of your next digital campaign, social media strategy, relationship marketing programme, mobile plan or web content marketing. If your digital activity needs an expert pair of eyes to boost your success, then this is a cost effective way to improve your results and ROI.

World-class digital marketing strategists review your plans, ideas, websites or campaign assets to give quick structured feedback on how to get a better result - without spending more.

Our feedback is delivered as a Live Meeting with supporting cascades and improvements you can use to brief your agencies or internal partners. As with all our strategy support, the work is confidential and has our world-class experts join your team as active members to boost ensure you get the right result.

Overview of Digital Booster Clinics

World class strategists ensure you get the best result by giving you actionable improvements for any type of challenge your team face:

  • How to improve a planned digital or integrated campaign
  • How to improve the effectiveness of a new website
  • How to improve the effectiveness of owned social media
  • How to increase the traffic you get from search engine optimisation
  • How to reduce your paid search media spend
  • How to increase the viral effect of your social media conversations
  • How to increase the size of your email newsletter database
  • How to increase the number of people downloading and using your mobile app
  • How to improve click throughs and the depth of engagement on a website
  • How to raise the quality of consumer insight you gather from digital channels

Dozens of options are available, so for an overview of the approach, ask the digital strategists

Who should attend?

Any marketer who creates digital assets or the plan for a new owned media platform. The clinics are particularly useful as a way of getting an extra pair of expert eyes boosting your plan or idea before engaging agency production budgets.

Success outcomes for your team

  • Immediate improvements in return on investment and the effectiveness for this project
  • Continued development in digital marketing knowledge and skills for the disciplines covered
  • Stronger confidence in how to apply digital marketing
  • Transformed approaches for agency management, with greater accountability and the right KPIs to measure agency performance

Delivery approach

Although we work in 40 countries, most strategists are usually based in London so Digital Booster Clinics are normally run remotely, making them easy to deliver within a week’s notice.

We use conference calls to refine the brief, and Live Meetings to deliver back the improvement plan.

Complete project management

Our digital strategy directors manage the project, from arranging calls and live meetings, to the briefing of stakeholders, and the creation of cascade materials with the outputs.

  • Locations available: All countries
  • Number of participants: Normally under 10
  • Time to market: Normally turned around in one week
  • Enquiries: or call +44 (0)20 7244 9661

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