Digital Marketing Audits: Identifying opportunities for your brand

Fast analysis to help your team improve their effectiveness and the return on marketing investment they get from their digital marketing plans.

Getting the maximum value from your digital channels demands understanding what works best and why. In a fast changing environment, many brands have social media, websites, apps, games and email programmes that don’t apply today’s best practice, failing to engage stakeholders, build brand equity, generate sales leads, and create the real value they easily could.

A digital marketing audit provides the fast track to understand how your digital investments are working and what's needed to accelerate the ROI - often without investing an more than you do already. They give an expert view, independent of your teams, agencies and stakeholders, and guide you on how to apply these learnings to create the right result. And they deliver insights quickly and include key recommendations as well as prioritizing critical issues.

Consumer media consumption continues to undergo revolutionary change, the digital tools you're using will have evolved significantly in the last 18 months, the underlying approaches of marketing have shifted from simple advertising to encompass a rich array of entertainment and service tactics for engagement, and that's why a quick audit is essential in identifying where to focus your team's energy and your resources.

Overview of Digital Marketing Audit process

Our digital marketing audit methodology includes analysis of the business as a whole as well as the way your organisation uses each digital channel. Digital marketing strategists, business process designers and change management specialists create the approach that's right for your business so tell our digital strategy directors when is good to talk more:

Who should attend?

Our digital strategists work with you to select the right mix of people in your teams to support the process and to share in the results. These could include teams that support marketers such as consumer insight specialists, media specialists, technology partners, finance partners.

Success outcomes for your team

  • Immediate improvement in return on investment
  • Identification of key opportunities
  • Identification of key weaknesses
  • Identification of hidden risks
  • Prioritisation of opportunities and areas to tackle
  • Recommendations for how to apply these insights to lead change in the team
  • Leadership-level skills development in the management of digital marketing and the creation of digital strategies
  • Transformed approaches for agency management that embed accountability


This is designed around the needs of your team, so talk with our digital strategists to identify the options.

Complete project management

Our digital strategy directors manage the whole programme, from arranging calls and live meetings, adapting the audit approach for your business, managing travel and venues, to the alignment of agencies and the briefing of stakeholders. The final delivery of the project includes workshops with your senior stakeholders, supporting Live Meetings and an Action Plan that can be cascaded from leaders to the rest of their teams.

  • Locations available: All countries
  • Number of participants: Uncapped
  • Time to market: Typically 4-6 weeks
  • Enquiries: or call +44 (0)20 7244 9661
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