Digital Opportunity Workshops: Deep dives to overcome a single digital challenge

These are digital deep dives - intensive face to face one day Live Action Workshops designed to overcome a single specific challenge faced by a brand or team.

The opportunity workshops focus on key specific projects like the plan for a new campaign, the conversation strategy for a social media presence or a setting up the right KPIs to use in managing your agencies. For these we work together to find a suitable date to have the strategists based in your office, and encourage all the related internal stakeholders to attend the workshop. In the planning phase we use conference calls and Live Meetings to identify the key issues, and afterwards we put together the cascades and action plans for marketers to give to their teams and agencies.

Overview of Digital Opportunity Workshops

This is the foundation programme in the craft skills of digital marketing, showing teams how to use the full range of digital tools and channels to achieve the best results from their budget, time and agencies.

World class strategists ensure you get the best result in any key area of digital such as:

  • Building a consumer insight approach with digital tools
  • Planning the right use of digital for the next campaign
  • Improving their social media engagement
  • Planning effective always-on communications
  • Creating a new brand website or redesigning the existing one
  • Improving a brand’s / category’s / market’s growth strategy
  • Integrating mobile into the channel mix
  • Boosting ROI through optimisation

Dozens of options are available, so for an overview of the approach, ask our tutors

Who should attend?

Priority brands or markets, or marketing teams with an important digital project in need of support.

All marketers priority brands or markets at global or local level in a multinational organisation. All marketers at local level working on the same brand, product line or category.

Teams that support marketers such as consumer insight specialists, media specialists, technology partners, finance partners.

Success outcomes for your team

  • An immediate shift in digital marketing knowledge and skills for the disciplines covered
  • Renewed confidence in how to apply digital marketing
  • A focus on effectiveness and return on investment
  • Transformed approached for agency management, with greater accountability for the areas covered, and selection of the right KPIs to measure agency performance

Learning approach

  • Analysis of the needs of your teams
  • Consumer insight
  • Digital marketing training recap
  • 1 day of intensive training, exercises and workshops
  • Cascades of exercises
  • Leader-led learning follow-up activities
  • Debriefing to your senior stakeholders

Complete project management

Our digital strategy directors manage the whole programme, from arranging calls and live meetings, managing travel and venues, to the briefing of stakeholders before workshops and the cascades of exercises that are used in leader-led learning follow-up activities.

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