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Many marketers asked about digital in the Food & Drink industry - so this training update focuses on those sectors with a library of links to our research, case studies, news and training tips.

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Marketing tipsFMCG training - extra marketing tips

Extra advice to build on your training. Need an advanced FMCG deep dive? Digital Acceleration Programme Advanced Live Action Workshops are now available in your market. Email us back for more info...

Tips for using brand websites: Low cost video

Think about how you can use low cost videos to illustrate key steps within a recipe or professional techniques for common jobs such as slicing onions or peeling vegetables. To make these cost effectively use simple "soft studios" such as kitchens you already have built in the office, use non-celebrity chefs and host them on YouTube. Keep the videos short and quick to load so that a user can watch whilst they are preparing the recipe.

Tips for using brand websites: Photos

Lead with photos of the recipes rather than the brands. When people visit your home page you have a few moments to engage them. Sites should be consumer centric, and no matter how much we love our brands, the consumer benefit is in the great meal your brand is helping them make.
Remember all of the principles of taste-appeal in food photography? It's the same set of rules online, you just have more scope for using photos in the preparation phase as well as the final recipe.

Driving audiences to Websites - Tips from our digital strategists

Packaging is one of the most powerful advertising platforms you have - the core of your free 'owned' media. Find the highest volume SKUs and look for ways to incorporate the web address into those. You don't need to be on every product that ships, and to reduce supply chain costs, restrict the number of changes you're making to those that will have the greatest impact.

Driving audiences to Facebook- Tips from our digital strategists

Use your packaging. In the FMCG industry it's one of the most powerful advertising platforms there is. But go further than just including the URL - give consumers a reason to 'like' your brand. Show the value of the content updates you're creating and hint at the enjoyment they'll get. By landing this message on the packaging you're giving consumers a reason to believe, and a reason to like you.

Case Studies Case studies

Case studies chosen by our training team to highlight the best uses of digital marketing.

Case study: Heinz Facebook 'Five beanz' quiz reaches 10m people

Back in the summer of 2012, Heinz promoted its new 'Five Beanz' range via a Facebook quiz offering the chance to win one of the five beans with their name engraved on it. 23/01/2013 | Full story...

Case study: Heineken turns 'likes' into balloons... and gets thousands of fans in a day

Going beyond the usual 'like us a we'll give you a discount' tactic of many brands, last year Heineken offered to inflate one green balloon in its office for every new 'like' it got on its Brazilian fan page.

Digital Intelligence - Case study: Heineken turns 'likes' into balloons... and gets thousands of fans in a day

23/01/2013 | Full story...

How Kraft's 'Dinner, Not Art App' boosted brand positioning and engagement

How Kraft's 'Dinner, Not Art App' boosted brand positioning and engagementKraft's 'Dinner, Not Art App' harks back to school days and macaroni art, making creative use of the way its Mac and Cheese brand is perceived in a positive and nostalgic light.
14/07/2012 | Full story...


Cadbury Joyville train stunt creates online buzz in Australia

Cadbury Joyville train stunt creates online buzz in AustraliaThis marketing stunt from Cadbury involved a giant purple 'Joyville' branded train pulling into select stations across Australia, rewarding surprised commuters with an array of chocolate treats.
14/07/2012 | Full story...


Facebook case study: Cadbury video viral gives 'thumbs up' to 1 million social media fans

Facebook case study: Cadbury video viral gives 'thumbs up' to 1 million social media fansThe Cadbury Dairy Milk UK Facebook Page reached a social media milestone when it welcomed its one millionth fan on Saturday, January 7, 2012.
14/07/2012 | Full story...



The secret is out there: How Coca Cola used a multi-channel advertising campaign to engage the teen market

The secret is out there: How Coca Cola used a multi-channel advertising campaign to engage the teen marketMany companies worry about how their brand is being talked about online as it is seems unpredictable and uncontrollable. This case study shows how Coca Cola encouraged conversations to happen about their brand with a multi-channelled digitally focused ad campaign full of relevant, engaging and viral content.
14/07/2012 | Full story...


Case Study: How Coke Zone's customer loyalty scheme became the top grocery brand site in the UK

Case Study: How Coke Zone's customer loyalty scheme became the top grocery brand site in the UKBack in 2008, Coca-Cola was faced with a declining market share in the UK teen market. This case study reveals how the drinks giant linked on-pack point codes to an engaging Coke Zone rewards website, boosting customer loyalty and becoming the most visited UK grocery brand site in the process.
14/07/2012 | Full story...


How Costa used customer insight to achieve brand loyalty

How Reckitt Benckiser used mini game apps to recruit talentThis case study shows how Costa used Customer insights to transform the business via product development, loyalty schemes and marketing campaigns.
14/07/2012 | Full story...

How connectivity influences global shopping

Connected devices have become a way of life for many, but shoppers are digitally engaged to varying degrees depending on the products they buy, according to new research from Nielsen. 04/09/2012 | Full story...

Shopper intention to buy food and drink online grows 44% - global survey

Online shopping for food and beverages is on the rise, with 61% of global online consumers using the web to research their grocery shopping, with 44% intending to spend more online during the past 2 years, according to a study. 01/10/2012 | Full story...

Domino's online sales outstrip phone orders for first time

Online orders for pizzas beat phone purchases at Domino's for the first time this month, as more than half of deliveries were bought via its website or apps. 27/09/2012 | Full story...

US TV to broadcast first YouTube funded show 'Recipe Rehab'

US TV network ABC is to broadcast a cooking show that began as part of YouTube's "Original Channels" initiative, the first such deal to take a YouTube-funded program to national TV. Watch a sample video here:

Digital Intelligence - US TV to broadcast first YouTube funded show 'Recipe Rehab'

28/09/2012 | Full story...

Online ad campaign ROI - Purchaser data campaigns 'return nearly $3 for every $1 spent'

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands can experience a return of almost three dollars in incremental sales for every dollar spent in online advertising that has been precisely delivered using purchase-based information, according to new research. 29/05/2012 | Full story...

Digital Vs TV spend: Cadbury's online video advertising gets 4 times more ROI than TV

Cadbury's "Chocolate Charmer" online advertising campaign provided ROI almost 4 times higher than their TV campaign. 14/07/2012 | Full story...


When videos go viral they cut through the communication clutter. Getting messages forwarded from friends is the most powerful marketing, and this is the best of what our friends sent us. Send us what impressed you!

Carlsberg spoofs Apple store hype in Cider ad

Swapping electronic Apples for edible ones, this commercial from Carlsberg brand Somersby Cider has become a YouTube hit, racking up over 1 million views within a week and plenty of social media shares. 02/04/2013 | Full story...

Red Bull promotes music start-ups with Amplifier launch

Drinks brand Red Bull has launched a new scheme to promote music technology start-ups in the UK. The campaign has gone live accompanied by a video featuring Dave Haynes from Soundcloud, Ghostpoet, Asi Sharabi from Sidekick Studios and David Bartot from Red Bull talking about the pitfalls of starting a business in the music industry, and how Red Bull can help amp up their customer base.

Digital Intelligence - Red Bull promotes music start-ups with Amplifier launch

11/04/2013 | Full story...

McDonald's app tracks origin of food

Amid growing uncertainty about the origin of mass-produced food, this timely McDonald's app turns users iPhone's into an ingredient tracker.

Digital Intelligence - McDonald's app tracks origin of food

13/02/2013 | Full story...

Skittles grants mind control with 'Telekenize the Rainbow'

Skittles has become known for their off the wall advertising, but this new Australian ad boggles the mind (quite literally).

Digital Intelligence - Skittles grants mind control with 'Telekenize the Rainbow'

14/01/2013 | Full story...

Heineken uses Facebook to 'Meet The World In One City'

Dutch beer giant Heineken went social with this campaign, challenging two men to meet someone from every country in the world in one city, Amsterdam - all with a little help from Facebook volunteers of course.

Digital Intelligence - Heineken uses Facebook to 'Meet The World In One City'

10/01/2013 | Full story...

Coca-Cola uses mobile and social to get Olympic gold

Coca-Cola launched its largest digital effort ever this year with its "Move to the Beat" campaign for the Summer Olympics across 100 countries.

Digital Intelligence - Coca-Cola uses mobile and social to get Olympic gold

09/01/2013 | Full story...

Oak stages 'reverse robberies' to promote milk drink on Facebook

US flavoured milk brand Oak claimed it had been 'inundated with fans complaining they couldn't buy their product in their local stores. In response, parent company Parmalat staged a series of 'reverse robberies' and posted the results on YouTube and Facebook.

Digital Intelligence - Oak stages 'reverse robberies' to promote milk drink on Facebook

20/11/2012 | Full story...

John West interactive YouTube video tells 'story in a can'

This interactive YouTube video forms part of John West's latest £6m marketing efforts to showcase its ethical fishing practices.

Digital Intelligence - John West interactive YouTube video tells 'story in a can'

08/11/2012 | Full story...

Kit Kat performs own 'space jump'

In honour of Felix Baumgartner's landmark skydive from the edge of space, Nestle sent a Kit Kat bar into the ether with a video camera.

Digital Intelligence - Kit Kat performs own space jump

24/10/2012 | Full story...

V Energy lets users swap Facebook profiles for an hour

To promote its drink in Sweden, V Energy ran a risqué campaign that invited friends to swap Facebook profiles for an hour.

Digital Intelligence - V Energy lets users swap Facebook profiles for an hour

11/10/2012 | Full story...

Nestle puts GPS trackers in Kit Kat bars to deliver prizes

Nestle has launched a (slightly creepy) new promotion for its Kit Kat, Yorkie and Aero bars, embedding GPS trackers in select bars, with the promise to track down the buyer within 24 hours to deliver a £10,000 prize.

Digital Intelligence - Nestle puts GPS trackers Kit Kat bars to deliver prizes

24/09/2012 | Full story...

Lays wins over Slovak market with low budget Facebook campaign

How do you make a low budget online campaign for a brand that has awareness of 4%?

Digital Intelligence - Lays wins over Slovak market with low budget Facebook campaign

14/09/2012 | Full story...

Kraft saves food with macaroni art app

This iPad app and video campaign from Kraft harks back to school days and macaroni art.

Digital Intelligence - Kraft saves food with macaroni art app

16/07/2012 | Full story...

Coca-Cola 'security camera' ad gets 5m YouTube views in one month

This heart-warming video from Coca-Cola continues the beverage giant's 'Happiness' brand message, turning the negative perception of security cameras into something much more positive - boosting customers perception of Coke in the process.

Digital Intelligence - Coca-Cola security camera ad gets 5m YouTube views in one month

12/07/2012 | Full story...


We'd all be lost on the web without search, and every brand should have a strong search strategy that uses paid and natural search in the right way to create cost effective traffic generation.

Tesco begins Street View Easter egg hunt

Tesco has launched an online Easter egg hunt, using Google Street View technology to allow players to explore their local streets to find virtual Easter eggs. 25/03/2013 | Full story...

Google sponsored shopping ads launch across Europe

Google has revamped its shopping tool in Europe and beyond with a new service called 'Product Listing Ads', as the web giant looks to extend its hugely successful AdWords model to the world of ecommerce.
Digital Intelligence - Google sponsored shopping ads launch across Europe

Watch this 'Hangout' video from Jon Venverloh, Senior Manager-Google Shopping, offering a guide to creating and optimising product listings on Google.
14/02/2013 | Full story...

Google 'pays Apple $1bn to be default search'

Google will start paying Apple up to $1 billion a year for the right to the be default search engine on iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch, according to a news report.
13/02/2013 | Full story...


Ecommerce is a permanent shift in the behaviour of consumers and organisations. As it crosses its tipping point in each market, it creates a new structure for how the ecosystem works, so smart firms are using the new approaches to connect differently with suppliers and customers, boosting sales further through optimisation, ratings and reviews.

Global online grocery shopper's browsing habits

This chart shows the global averages of online browsing behaviour by grocery shoppers. The most popular daily behaviours include conducting research (37%) and providing feedback about a grocery category via social media (33%).
Digital Intelligence - Global online grocery shopper's browsing habits

18/10/2012 | Full story...

BBC to link recipe site to Tesco

BBC's GoodFood website will start linking ingredients directly to Tesco, in a deal inked between the broadcaster's commercial worldwide arm and the supermarket giant. 15/02/2013 | Full story...

Google buys Channel Intelligence to boost ecommerce tools

Google has bought ecommerce marketing firm Channel Intelligence for $125m, the the internet giant looks to boost its online retail presence.
07/02/2013 | Full story...

Apprentice star debuts 'Whisk' recipe shopping app

Nick Holzherr, a runner-up from last year's Apprentice final has launched an online food app, based on his losing business plan from the BBC show.

Digital Intelligence - Apprentice star debuts Whisk recipe shopping app

15/01/2013 | Full story...

Morrisons plans food website after disappointing Xmas sales

Supermarket Morrisons is planning an online food as part of a "modernising" drive to recover from poor Christmas sales.
09/01/2013 | Full story...

Brands need to target consumers online 'before they do their weekly shop'

A new survey indicates that brand marketers need to reach shoppers before the store as consumers actively seek promotions when planning their weekly shops. 14/12/2012 | Full story...

Rising prices 'greatest factor in grocery purchase decisions'

Rising food prices are having the greatest impact on global consumer's choice of grocery purchases, with more than half (52%) stating higher prices are a major influence, according to new research. 30/08/2012 | Full story...

Facebook in Latin AmericaFacebook

Facebook has revolutionised social media, changed the way marketers communicate and blended paid, owned and earn media into one platform.

Average Facebook engagement rate by industry: Global

This chart depicts each industry's average content engagement rate compared with their average number of Facebook fans. Engagement goes beyond simple 'likes' and looks at fans commenting and interacting with branded content.
Digital Strategy - Average Facebook engagement rate by industry: Global
18/07/2012 | Full story...

Top 20 food & beverage brands on Facebook: Global

This chart depicts the top 20 brands in terms of Facebook fans in the food and beverage sector.
Digital Strategy - Top 20 food & beverage brands on Facebook: Global
18/07/2012 | Full story...

Nutella Facebook ad campaign outperforms TV

Last Christmas, Nutella ran a cross-platform ad campaign in Germany, mixing traditional and new media spend, including TV and Facebook. This case study looks at how the Facebook campaign generated more sales than TV ads for the food brand.
06/11/2012 | Full story...

Grolsch begins social media drive with LBi

Dutch premium beer brand Grolsch has worked with LBi to launch a revamped global web presence, a Facebook hub aimed at joining up Grolsch's digital and social content designed for sharing across multiple platforms.
06/09/2012 | Full story...

IAB clashes with regulator over Facebook fan comments ruling

Online trade body the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Australia has criticised a regulator's decision to hold advertisers responsible for content on social networks. 15/08/2012 | Full story...

Advertiser backlash over 'unrealistic' Facebook fan comments ruling

Australian advertisers are staging a fight back over a new ruling that classes Facebook fan comments as advertisements- making brands liable for an offensive comments made on their pages. 09/08/2012 | Full story...

Fan comments are now ads? Landmark Diageo ruling makes brands liable for Facebook fan posts

Companies with Facebook profiles will be accountable for comments made by the public on their pages, following a ruling by an advertising watchdog in Australia. 07/08/2012 | Full story...

McVities Facebook campaign gets fans sharing cake coupons

United Biscuit's cake and biscuit brand McVities has launched a 'Bring Out The Cake' campaign, designed to get Facebook fans sharing coupons to promote the brand's cake range. Watch the YouTube ad here:

Digital Intelligence - McVities Facebook campaign gets fans sharing cake coupons

18/07/2012 | Full story...

Social media marketing - Unilever uses Facebook vouchers for Marmite cereal bar giveaway

In early 2010, Unilever launched a campaign on Facebook to distribute samples of its new Marmite Cereal Bar and to drive awareness of the new product. 14/07/2012 | Full story...

How PepsiCo India uses Facebook Reach Block to get 19 million video ad views

Ahead of the Cricket World Cup 2011, PepsiCo India used Facebook's video ad formats to closely engage with target audiences.
14/07/2012 | Full story...

Barista Facebook campaign creates brand awareness and engagement

Coffee house chain Barista used Facebook to create awareness of its seasonal 'Hawaiian Summers' menu, encouraging users to engage with the brand. 14/07/2012 | Full story...

Lacta Facebook app lets users compare friends to chocolate bars

Lacta Chocolate's Facebook App made smart use of social media, boosting brand engagement and tripling their fanbase in the process. 14/07/2012 | Full story...

Case Study: Heinz Facebook App uses personalised soup cans to boost brand engagement

Heinz used a Facebook App to allow users to send friends personalised soup tins, with messages appearing below the iconic brand. 14/07/2012 | Full story...

Top global brands on Facebook - Fan engagement highest in emerging markets (infographic)

Just days before the most anticipated initial public offering in history, new data looks at how powerful the 901 million-member Facebook platform is for big brands looking to expand their global footprint and penetrate emerging markets. 16/05/2012 | Full story...


Social media is mass media, and with all the main social platforms offering a blend of paid, owned and earned media, social marketing is giving brands a rich choice of opportunities.

Carlsberg launches social media platform in 44 countries

Enterprise software provider Falcon Social has completed the rollout of its social media marketing platform across 44 countries for brewery group, Carlsberg. 11/04/2013 | Full story...

5 tips for FMCG brands using coupons in social media

With the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) having recently announced new guidelines for running promotions on Facebook, provides its five top tips for FMCG brands looking to engage with their customers through a social media coupon promotion. 10/04/2013 | Full story...

Are social media sales a myth? Coca-Cola claims no impact from online buzz

Social media's ability to boost sales has come into question this month, with one of the world's biggest brands claiming that online buzz from the likes of Facebook and Twitter has little impact of brand sales. 25/03/2013 | Full story...

Social media crisis management: Following 3 brands on the 'fail trail'

When Domino's employees were caught on YouTube defiling a pizza, the company took less than 3 weeks to claw back a 22% drop in customer sentiment. 22/03/2013 | Full story...

Maker's Mark backlash - proof that a week's a long time in social media?

Last month, whisky brand Maker's Mark reduced its alcohol proof from 90% to 84%, sparking outcry as customers flocked to Facebook and Twitter to discuss 'watered-down whisky' and switching to rival brands. 06/03/2013 | Full story...

Burger King gets 30,000 followers after hack (infographic)

Supporting the theory that 'there's no such thing as bad publicity', this infographic from Synthesio looks at the statistics behind this week's Burger King Twitter hack - and how the fast food chain got 30,000 new followers in just one day. 22/02/2013 | Full story...

Hackers turn Burger King Twitter account into McDonalds

Burger King has become the latest high-profile brand to fall prey to hackers, as its Twitter account was hijacked, resulting in its logo being switched to McDonalds and a tirade of offensive tweets being sent out to its followers. 20/02/2013 | Full story...

Magnum debuts Twitter coupon giveaway with #GrabaSpoon hashtag

Luxury ice-cream brand Magnum is working with to run a Twitter campaign promoting its new pleasure pots, offering free ice-cream to the first 5,000 respondents.  15/02/2013 | Full story...

Super Bowl blackout hands victory to Twitter

A 35 minute power outage on the pitch at this Sunday's Super Bowl XLVII led to a surge in traffic on social media, while Twitter thrashed Facebook in terms of advertising buzz, according to new figures. 05/02/2013 | Full story...

Volvic recruits bloggers for 'Team Volcanicity' live event coverage

Volvic has launched a new campaign seeking talented bloggers, photographers and social media 'addicts' to form 'Team Volcanicity' and represent the brand online. 23/01/2013 | Full story...

Starbucks Vs Costa: Who is winning the London check-in wars? (infographic)

Despite Starbucks having eight times the number of central London outlets, the chain secures less Facebook check-ins on average than rival coffee group Costa, according to new research. 23/08/2012 | Full story...

Cadbury Wispa rewards social media fans for 'goofing off'

Cadbury has launched a new social media campaign for Wispa, celebrating 'Time Well Mis-spent' with a new competition. 13/07/2012 | Full story...

'My Iceland' campaign focuses on social feedback

Frozen food retailer Iceland has embraced social media as part of its new 'My Iceland' marketing campaign to generate customer feedback about their in-store experiences. 13/07/2012 | Full story...


Online advertising is only a small part of the digital media mix today, but remains an effective way of instantly reaching the mass market with the right message at the right time for the right consumer.

Viewable impressions - should be welcomed by the industry, but with caution

Julian Smith considers the growing buzz around the 'viewable impression' metric and reasons why for most in the industry it seems like a natural step in the evolution and growing maturity of online advertising. Full story...

Global ad spend by sector: FMCG accounts for quarter of all spend

There has been moderate global growth in advertising spending, but fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies are bucking the trend by investing far more than other sectors, according to new research. 05/02/2013 | Full story...

Global ad spend change by sector 2011-2012

This chart shows the growth in percentage of ad spend by sector. Telecommunications saw the largest growth since 2011 (6.6%). Both Durables and the Healthcare sector reported decreases in ad spend for 2012 with-3.5% and -0.4%.
Digital Intelligence - Global ad spend change by sector 2011-2012

13/02/2013 | Full story...

Global ad spend by sector for Q3 2012

This chart shows the ad spend market share for 11 sectors. FMCG ad spend contributed to over a quarter of all ad dollars spent over the analysed period (25.1%). The sector with the lowest overall share was clothing and accessories with 3.3%.
Digital Intelligence - Global ad spend by sector for Q3 2012

13/02/2013 | Full story...

Chicago Town pizza ties on pack promotions with online campaign

Food brand Dr Oetker has teamed with to run a new campaign to promote its Chicago Town pizzas both on-pack on online.
22/01/2013 | Full story...

Coca-Cola and Unilever sign up for 'emotional measurement' analytics

Two FMCG giants, Coca-Cola and Unilever, have signed up to research agency Millward Brown's 'facial coding software' to measure the impact of their advertising. 21/01/2013 | Full story...

Cadbury's "Chocolate Charmer" online advertising campaign provided ROI almost 4 times higher than their TV campaign.

Digital Strategy - Cadbury's - ROI for every £1 media spend
14/07/2012 | Full story...


Video is the most powerful way to tell stories, and whether on your own websites, as pre-rolls in a paid environment, or on one of the big video distribution platforms, it's key element of the digital mix for most brands.

Lyons Tea gets first 'pause button' video ads on RTE player

Unilever Ireland is running a new 'on pause' video ad campaign for its Lyons Tea brand in Ireland- triggered every time a user pauses their video player on the RTE website. 18/02/2013 | Full story...

YouTube debuts 'Shoppable Video Ads' to drive Christmas sales

Google is testing a new shoppable video format on YouTube, letting viewers click on products and text displayed in video. Watch a video demonstration from Juicy Couture below:

Digital Intelligence - YouTube debuts Shoppable Video Ads to drive Christmas sales

12/12/2012 | Full story...

MobileMobile and tablets

The pattern of access is shifting fast to mobile with social networks and major online services now seeing mobile as the primary media. Smart brands connect apps, mobile sites and optimised web pages together into a seamless consumer journey.

Mobile ad spend triples as UK digital sector soars

Mobile ads now account for 10% of all digital spend in the UK, growing by a massive 148% compared to last year, according to the latest figures. 10/04/2013 | Full story...

Actions taken after mobile search

73% of mobile searchers trigger additional actions and conversions. This data shows that the most popular action after conducting a mobile search is to continue researching (36%). However, 25% of the searches conducted resulted in a visit to a retailer's website. Conversion from a mobile search accounted for 17% of the 6,000 sample searches analysed.

Digital Intelligence - Actions taken after mobile search

22/03/2013 | Full story...

Paypal testing mobile payments in McDonalds

PayPal is testing an app-based checkout system in McDonald's restaurants in France, as the online payments system looks to secure pole position is the increasingly important mobile payments sector. 22/08/2012 | Full story...

Bacardi uses QR Codes for mobile '2 for 1' in-bar promotion

Bacardi and Novus Leisure, the owners of the Tiger Tiger nightclub chain, have partnered with mobile marketing agency Sponge to run an in-bar mobile QR code promotion offering 2 for 1 Bacardi Mojitos. 05/07/2012 | Full story...


Increasingly brands look at how their message can be delivered by incorporating it within a digital game or through the sponsorship of a game. Games can be on websites, mobiles, tablets - as well as gaming consoles - and in most markets games have become a mainstream behaviour for the majority of consumers.

Mobile case study - Coca-Cola branded iPhone game drives teen engagement

Coca-Cola has made a foray into advergaming with their new title, Crabs & Penguins. 14/07/2012 | Full story...

Tohato uses mobile social gaming to create brand engagement

Savoury snack maker Tohato used mobile internet and QR codes on packaging to launch two new flavours and create a buzz in Japan.  14/07/2012 | Full story...

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