Media Work Best Together, Playing Different Roles in Driving the Consumer Purchase Process

Magazine Strengths Drive Persuasion and Purchase Intent

Dynamic Logic releases new analysis of 32 cross-media campaigns* across ten categories showing that media work best when used together. All three media platforms – television, magazines, and online – contribute incrementally to brand metrics, but at different levels, bringing various strengths at different points along the purchase funnel. TV and online's contributions were more apparent during the awareness stages while magazines were stronger at building brand favourability and purchase intent. These findings are consistent with results from an earlier analysis conducted by Dynamic Logic in 2006.

For this analysis, Dynamic Logic isolated the impact of TV advertising, then assessed online's contribution in addition to TV, and finally looked at magazines added to the online and TV combination. The chart below summarises the increases in brand metrics from media combinations over the levels represented by TV alone. The study compared people who had the opportunity to see only TV advertising with those who had the opportunity to see TV in combination with other media. For example, online advertising represents the increased impact of online display advertising combined with TV (+3.7 percentage points for aided brand awareness). The magazine values represent the (positive) change in each metric produced by adding magazine advertising to TV and online using the same approach.

The incremental values from the addition of magazines were very strong, adding most impact further down the purchase funnel with contributions to brand favourability perceptions and purchase intent.

Incremental Effect of Medium on Brand Metrics: Overall Studies

Average Percentage-Point Increase Over Unexposed (Control) Baseline

NOTE: Percentage-point increases are calculated and tested for statistical significance at a 90% confidence level. Campaigns included in these aggregate results include those which have television, magazine, and online media scheduled comparatively at similar time periods, where the audience overlap did not result in highly discrete groups with atypical audience characteristics.

Other key findings:

  • TV advertising performs the strongest for generating brand awareness. When used in combination with TV, magazine and online each build on the initial awareness impact of TV. Over these 32 multimedia campaigns, magazines' incremental awareness added nearly as much to the total as TV.
  • Both magazine and online advertising generate significant lifts when used in conjunction with TV. TV and magazine advertising produced greater incremental brand and ad awareness gains than online advertising.
  • Incremental contributions from magazine advertising are strongest for brand favourability and purchase intent. They about double the average persuasion contribution of TV and online combined.
  • Online is a booster on all key awareness and persuasion metrics

This initial research allows us to begin to quantify the synergy of cross-media campaigns. It also suggests that through further research we may begin to examine whether there are cost-efficiencies within certain media combinations that could significantly increase an advertiser's impact, without increasing costs.

The results across these studies were aggregated in order to better understand how these media work together to support brand metrics. The cross-media campaigns used in the analysis had similar media allocation and duplication levels.

* This analysis is based on evaluations of 32 cross-media campaigns: FMCG (14), Automotive (5), Consumer Electronics (4), Information Technology (4), Apparel, Financial Services, Alcohol, Non-Profit, Entertainment.

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