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Croatian market online today

The web is clearly a major - if not the leading - media channel for those with access. Quickly it has changed the lives and behaviours of those who have tried it. Within this, email is even stronger, changing the working culture both inside and outside the firm. Although the digital behaviour of senior management may lag behind their colleagues in Western Europe and Scandinavia, the Croatian market is changing fast.
Mobile is the most widespread of the new digital networked technologies, with a staggering 126% market penetration – many people carry a mobile for each network because of the high price of call tariffs between networks. For media groups and marketers SMS is established as a mass market media channel and it represents a powerful marketing channel when consumers have given their consent.
The internet has become an essential part of office life, and plays a key role in the homes of wealthy families. For marketers this means the web is becoming the channel of choice of the wealthy, which is why car manufacturers, travel firms, phone companies and consumer electronics firms have exceptionally strong opportunities online.
The number of people continues to rise, but so too does the time they spend online. As broadband access finally replaces the clunky and slow connections that held the market back, the experience of consumers leaps. This creates a positive feedback loop as more people are more engaged and ready for more activities.

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