Digital Training Academy: Poland Classroom

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How do we customize our training?

For our digital marketing coaching we build an agenda around the needs of participants. This is part of the reason our training is so highly rated and we train in so many countries. The Academy prospectus gives you the basic outline of topics and that accounts for about half of what we could cover. The rest is adjusted, tuned and added, based on the specific needs of your own firm. If you’d like us to go under a non-disclosure agreement so we can learn more about this then we can. We normally send over our training needs analysis surveys four weeks before. They ask about the level of knowledge and skills the team already have (after all, there’s no point in covering familiar ground if we can introduce something extra). From here we revise the syllabus structure, and look at other aspects we can deliver as part of the e-learning support for an Academy

Ask a Tutor about customizing an Academy for your organisation

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