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Welcome to the internet marketing coaching page for Austria »

This page is for marketers joing us at events in Austria and Academy Graduates with responsibilities across the region. You can make comments, raise questions, download resources and access other digital marketing planning materials. The Digital Training Academy has been helping agency and brand teams in Central Europe since 2005.

On this page you’ll find links to support information for a few of the international digital marketing training courses we have run. Most of our international training and strategy work is in-company and confidential but on this page there are a few links to public materials.

Styria Digital Congress: Graz, Austria »

Digital Congress Graz AustriaThis is the event for digital. Whatever your role in marketing, this is the place all agencies and brand management teams need to be. Hundreds of marketers from across Austria come together for the Graz congress organised by Styria.

  • Discussion by famous experts by world leaders in digital marketing
  • Meet the strategist behind Barack Obama’s incredible digital marketingTake part in the supporters of Innovation forum
  • 5 deep dives and workshops

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Digital publishing strategy: resources »

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Online media planning strategy: resources »

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Online social media marketers: resources »

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Styria Digital Congress: Austria – Ask questions and discuss with colleagues »

After our workshops or conferences, is there an extra point you would like to make? Are there any new issues that you have discovered now you are applying your knowledge or reviewing your digital marketing? Use this space to make your comments and to ask your questions. this online classroom has been opened to support the Austria Digital Congress.

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Using the customer’s journey to replan a media campaign »

Most of us buying a new car go first to the web to research it. In some markets like the UK that’s been true for 10 years and it would be incredibly unusual to do anything else, but increasingly it’s the normal practice worldwide. We use search engines to find the sites with information, online car magazines to read reviews, online car databases to check prices, online blogs and forums to hear what other people think, and the car brand’s own websites to experience the look and feel. Yes, we still ask our friends in the bar what they think, we probably still see some television and outdoor advertising about cars, so traditional media still has a place.

In a customer’s journey towards buying a car maybe over half of the thinking and decision making happens online. Far more activity than the small number of connections a motoring brand can make with consumers through traditional media.

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