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The latest insights, freshest thinking and smartest strategies in digital marketing, content and commerce. These advanced in-company Academies focus on the specific business goals of your team, boosting their knowledge, skills and attitude.
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Welcome to the Digital Academy in Slovenia »

Soz_logo_4We'll be delighted to be working with IAB Slovenia and SOZ on this Digital Training Academy.
This online learning resource is where you can discuss the issues from your Academy and download the outputs of our workshops.

Your Academy Manager is Anna Meller:
Your Academy Director and lead tutor is Danny Meadows-Klue:
Your Academy Commissioner in Ljubljana is Zoran Savin:

Your classroom in Ljubljana - Ask your questions here »

Here is the place you can ask your questions and discuss issues with your tutor and other Academy participants after your training.

Is there something you did not understand on the Academy? Is there a new point you would like to make? Are there any new issues that you have discovered now you are applying your knowledge? Use this space to make your comments and to ask your questions.

Remember that if you would like your tutor to respond you must write in English. The classroom is open for one month following your Academy and materials will stay here as a reference point for you for a further year.

What's the Digital Training Academy all about? »

Back_to_school_9 Several people emailed to ask, so here it is... We created this Training Programme three years ago to help firms get their online businesses and digital marketing strategy right . The Academy centres around a packed day of lessons, but it also includes research we're giving you before, and time online afterwards to answer your questions. This classroom on is the place where we'll be hosting you questions and tutoring notes if you come to one of our full day Academies.

What matters to you? Meet Ljubljana's Academy Manager: Anna Meller »

Anna_1 We're working with IAB Slovenia and SOZ to create full day Academies in the summer. Ahead of these Anna and Danny wanted to know the issues that mattered most to you. From the comments and emails you send us we can customise the Academy to fit just what you need!

Some pre-Academy reading »

Pre_ac_reading_1 Ahead of all our Digital Training Academies we want to get you thinking about the issues and get up to speed on the research and the state of the industry. That's why we've sent out two of our Digital Insight Reports that you can read through before the Academy begins. The first explores the tools and techniques that are delivering results across a wide range of digital marketing formats.The second tells you about online advertising spend and its growth in the countries accross Western and Northern Europe. They should be a simple read, but they each make points that we'll be touching on in the Digital Training Academy. If you have any questions, then post them here...

Download dir_bright_ideas_innovations_7.pdf

Download dsc_dir_digital_europe_200606_d31.pdf

Digital Central and Eastern Europe »

Central and Eastern Europe's Internet economy grows rapidly, with national online businesses standing shoulder to shoulder with the world's giants. With Internet penetration on the rise and more and more being spent on online advertising, digital enterprises are set for a new boom – although the pace and scale of these changes vary greatly from country to country. This first edition of the Digital Central and Eastern Europe tracking study draws a picture of the industry today.

If you would like to share or update some data on digital Central and Eastern Europe with us please send us an email:

Please feel free to comment on the contents of this report and the
future of the internet industry in Central and Eastern Europe. Post your comments and questions here

Listen to the podcast interview about about online adspend in Europe »

Digital_europe_2 Online advertising is changing the nature of marketing. This is happening across the world, but here in Western Europe we're seeing some of the trends that will eventually spread worldwide. In our latest podcast feature Richard Eve interviews Danny Meadows-Klue about the study and asks where the industry is today and where it is heading.

Ljubljana: Getting started in online marketing »

Digital_marketing_academy2_1 Digital Training Academy in partnership with IAB Slovenia and SOZ is a comprehensive induction to online marketing

You can accelerate the performance of your team straight away, helping your organisation grow faster and raising staff retention. We help build their knowledge and skills in digital media and marketing, shifting their attitude, and aligning stakeholders behind shared goals. Our public access courses are woven around your strategy, delivering training that has immediate impact and long-lasting effects.

Ljubljana: Getting started in online media sales »

B_media_sales_academy_2 Digital Media Sales Academy in partnership with IAB Slovenia and SOZ will help website advertising teams sell online media space more effectively

Selling online advertising can be a challenge for even the best salesperson. New trading models, hundreds of advertising formats, unclear workflow processes, and the mountain of jargon: together they can undermine the confidence of a sales team and leave executives confused about what they can sell and what will work.
For newcomers to the industry, there's lots to learn, and even for experienced sales executives it's vital to keep up with best practice in such a rapidly changing market.

Ljubljana:Getting started in online media planning »

Digital_media_planning Digital Media Planning Academy in partnership with IAB Slovenia and SOZ will help website advertising teams  get more value from media and build strategic media mix.

Learn how online media planning builds on the familiar concepts of reach and frequency from traditional media. Discover how you can get your media space to work harder for you on the web. Find out what's worth tracking and why there are many false friends when it comes to accountability. Follow our hints and tips and discover what you need to know.

Ljubljana: Getting started in email marketing »

B_email_academy_2 Digital Email Academy in partnership with IAB Slovenia and SOZ will help you build successful email campaigns that increase your sales.

Email is the most powerful relationship marketing tool you have. It can maintain bonds with customers and draw them back in a single click. From the entry to your website, to the customer service channel after the sale, email is also one of the most flexible tools around. Get it right and your whole business changes. But harnessing its potential takes time and skill. Technologies, processes and best practice are all changing fast and last year's knowledge is no longer good enough.

Ljubljana: Getting started in 'Web 2.0' publishing and online communities »

B_community_academy_3 Digtal Community Academy in partnership with IAB Slovenia and SOZ will help you build sustainable online communities.

Suddenly every web publisher wants a community on their site. Web 2.0 has washed over the industry like a tidal wave, but building the software is only the starting point for building a community. In Digital's Community Academy we look at some of the most vibrant communities and explain the rules and structures for creating successful communities. We look at why and how members belong to communities and what you as the architect need to do to make this work for your sector. This combination of hands on practice with the underlying theory will put you and your colleagues in the right place for developing your own online communities over the year.

Ljubljana: Getting started in search engine marketing »

B_search_academy_3 Digital Search Academy in partnership with IAB Slovenia and SOZ will help you get better results from using search engines in your marketing strategies.

Getting your products found online can be like asking your customers to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. Search engines are key to your business and our one day orientation gives you all the basics you need to get started in effective search engine advertising and marketing. You'll get to grips with the mechanics of search, pay-per-click advertising and the basics of search engine optimisation. It's your fast track to being able to make informed decisions about when, where, and how to harness the power of search engine advertising. It concentrates on the essential knowledge you need, gives you a framework for the future, and delivers practical tips your company can use straight away.

What digital training can do for your company »

Why_training_2 There is a vast skills gap in the media and marketing industries. It's holding individuals and companies back. Online can be tough; impenetrable language, constantly changing technologies or suppliers, unclear business process and evolving models for trading. And the pace means that even if you were up to speed six months ago the game will have moved on. That's why we set up our programme of digital training academies; to provide top quality, jargon free, leading edge training to the future leaders of the media and marketing industries.

Learn more - Download what_training_can_do_for_your_company_2.0.pdf

More support? »

Back_to_school_8 We run more than 40 other Academies to help marketers of all levels of experience get the most from the internet and the new marketing tools. Download dta_prospectus_short_off_to_digital_school_dec_2006_6.2.pdf   that lists what we're running this term, and email Course Manager Anna Meller ( with the sorts of topics you feel your team could benefit from more help with.

Thanks for droping by! »

Dannymeadowsklue_3 I'd like to introduce myself: I'm Danny Meadows-Klue, and I'll be your tutor. It was back in 1994 that I first became involved in Internet media and web marketing, and by 1996 I'd started helping other people to learn about the power of online marketing. We are all on a journey together as the marketing industry changes. Our team really enjoy working in Zagreb and we hope to see you again at our training academies.

If you'd like some more background about some of the things I've done in the internet marketing and publishing industries then there's a biography in our press centre.

How will you learn with the Digital Training Academy? »

Find out why our training is world class and proven to create a step-change in the way teams work and the amount they achieve from their investment in digital channels.

Research and insights into digital marketing, online content and internet publishing »

If you're taking part in one of our Digital Training Academy courses to boost your skills and knowledge about the internet, web marketing, online publishing and digital media, then you will also be able to access our Digital knowledge and research services. You can access free samples of the materials, here.

Understand internet jargon »

To support your training we have developed an online dictionary of jargon and definitions about internet marketing, online media and web advertising. If you don't find a definition for what you need then leave a comment and we will ask one of our tutors to write an explanation for you and other participants.

Sitemap »

To help you find your way around our network of websites, here's a link to our current sitemap. if you can't see what you are looking for then try the search tools in the menu bar or contact your Academy Manager.

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