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Welcome to the FDIM Academy »

FDIMThis online learning resource is where you can discuss the issues from your Academy and download the outputs of our workshops.

Your Academy Manager is Edyta Kilinska:

Your Academy Director and lead tutor is Danny Meadows-Klue:

DIA Internet Awards - Materials from Danny's presentation »


Many people wanted access to some of Danny's slides and materials after his talk at the annual internet awards. Find out more about our workshops and Digital Training Academies.

You can download the main talk here - Download digital_training_academy_fdim_race_to_the_web_all_for_distribution_2.pdf
You can download the simply tips the Digital Training Academy tutors prepared here -  Download digital_training_academy_fdim_race_to_the_web_top_tips_for_distribution_2.pdf

What future training would be useful for your colleagues? »

Picture_037Here at the Digital Training Academy we have 40 one day Academies like the Digital Media Sales Academy we ran with FDIM. As the first class celebrate graduation, find out about other training we can run in Denmark...

Your classroom »


Here is the place you can discuss issues with your tutor and other Academy participants

Is there something you did not understand on the Academy? Is there a new point you would like to make? Are there any new issues that you have discovered now you are applying your knowledge? Use this space to make your comments and to ask your questions.

Remember that all of your comments will be public (so do not include anything confidential about your company).
Try to include the title of the Academy Lesson that your question relates to (if there is one). Putting this at the start will help other participants find the topics they are interested in.
Remember that if you would like your tutor to respond you must write in English.

The classroom is open for three weeks following your Academy

What rocks and flops in online advertising? »

Picture_028In this space we're listing things from the Academy that we feel 'Rock' in online advertising, and things that, if we're honest, 'Flop'. By helping our clients harness the rocks and steer away from the flops they'll produce more powerful communication and enjoy even better results. Remember, it's still a new media for many people and this can help marketers make smarter decisions...

What's the Digital Media Sales Academy all about? »


Several people emailed to ask, so here it is... We created this Academy three years ago to help media sales teams sell online advertising as effectively as they'd sold print, radio and television space before. The Academy centres around a packed day of lessons, but it also includes research we're giving you before, and time online afterwards to answer your questions. This blog on is the place where we'll be hosting you questions and tutoring notes.

What's the Digital Media Sales Academy all about? »


Ahead of the Academy I wanted to know the issues that mattered most to you. From the comments and emails you gave in we filled this flipchart and made the Academy relevant to the specific biggest challenges are that you face in media sales right now. Let us know how you found applying the lessons from the Academy to overcome them!

Some pre-Academy reading »


Ahead of all our Digital Training Academies we're keen to get you thinking about the issues and getting up to speed on the research and the state of the industry. That's why we've sent out three of our Digital insight reports that you can read through before the Academy begins. The first explores online advertising spend to confirm the size of the market and the scale it's grown to so far. The second explores search engine advertising and its growth in the Central and Eastern European countries. The third looks at the bright ideas that marketers have discovered to help them get more from their online advertisnig media space. They should be a simple and fast read, but they each make points that we'll be touching on in the Digital Media Sales Academy. If you have any questions, then post them here...

Online adspend soars »


Here is a new portion of research to digest - interesting figures from Nielsen showing that online display spending rose 25% in 2006. A good day for the internet industry, especially if we compare the figures with other media: only national press and outdoor recorded growth whereas the other markets slumped (TV by 6%, regional papers by 11%). It is not yet clear whether the money in online is coming from other media or it is new money.  Read more in MediaWeek  Online display ads up  by 25% in 2006

Listen to the podcast interview about online adspend in Europe »


Digital_europe Online advertising is changing the nature of marketing. This is happening across the world, but here in Western Europe we're seeing some of the trends that will eventually spread worldwide. In our latest podcast feature Richard Eve interviews Danny Meadows-Klue about the study and asks where the industry is today and where it is heading.

So what will we answer at the Digital Media Sales Academy? »


Here are a few of the questions we'll aim to answer at the Digital Media Sales Academy
- Can you select the right advertising format to pitch to your clients?
- Do you know why great websites often fail to make an agency's media schedule?
- Can you choose the trading model that will give you the best returns?
- Do you know which formats to say 'no' to, and why?
- Can you quantify the effect that targeting techniques will have on your volumes and yields?
- Do you know what behavioural targeting would do to your revenues?
- Can you anticipate the market sectors that are about to switch on to digital?

More support? »

Back_to_school_1 Alongside our Digital Media Sales we run more than 40 other Academies to help marketers of all levels of experience get the most from the internet and the new marketing tools. Download dta_prospectus_short_off_to_digital_school_dec_2006_6.2.pdf that lists what we're running this term, and email Academy Manager Edyta Kilinska ( with the sorts of topics you feel your team could benefit from more help with.

Thanks for dropping by! »


If you've logged on to this blog then the chances are that you're booked in for our Digital Media Sales Academy, so I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Danny, and I'll be your trainer. It was back in 1994 that I got involved in Internet media and by 1996 I'd started helping other people - especially media sales guys - make the transition into digital media and digital marketing. I'm really looking forward to working with you next week on the first Digital Media Sales Academy in Denmark. If you'd like some more background about some of the things I've done in the internet marketing and publishing industries then there's a biography in our press centre.

How will you learn with the Digital Training Academy? »

Find out why our training is world class and proven to create a step-change in the way teams work and the amount they achieve from their investment in digital channels.

Research and insights into digital marketing, online content and internet publishing »

If you're taking part in one of our Digital Training Academy courses to boost your skills and knowledge about the internet, web marketing, online publishing and digital media, then you will also be able to access our Digital knowledge and research services. You can access free samples of the materials, here.

Understand internet jargon »

To support your training we have developed an online dictionary of jargon and definitions about internet marketing, online media and web advertising. If you don't find a definition for what you need then leave a comment and we will ask one of our tutors to write an explanation for you and other participants.

Sitemap »

To help you find your way around our network of websites, here's a link to our current sitemap. if you can't see what you are looking for then try the search tools in the menu bar or contact your Academy Manager.

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