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Search Marketing | Special report

Training update from your digital marketing excellence partner

Getting your search strategy right is key to boosting traffic to your owned media, and increasing the ROMI from your existing investments.

Applying best practice in search engine optimisation will get you free traffic from Google, Bing or Baidu; while paid search gives your brand immediate visibility.

This training update covers the latest research, new tips to improve your effectiveness, case studies, the growing role of Facebook in search, and detailed updates about developments at the main search engines. If you have questions - then simply email us back.

Best from all the Digital Acceleration team

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Marketing tipsMarketing tips for search engine marketing

Extra advice to build on your training. Need an advanced search engine marketing deep dive? Digital Acceleration Programme 2.0 Live Action Workshops are now available in your market. Email us back for more info...

Tip: Start content creation with a keyphrase

To get your content discovered, start by thinking about what your consumer is looking for. Identify the specific keyphrase they'd use from your consumer insight tools, and write your content in a way that both answers this question and repeats the keyphrase in the content. Repeating the keyphrase inside the content helps tell a search engine that your web page is about that keyphrase, and this type of 'on-site' search engine optimisation is the starting point for getting free traffic.

Tip: Reduce your paid search costs by improving your quality score

If you want to reduce the price of each click you buy in Google, then for each keyphrase you buy, link the advert to a landing page that's all about the same keyphrase. Google rewards you for linking to a "high quality" page by letting you move higher in the column of ads, getting more clicks, and paying less for them!

Tip: YouTube: Don't miss a trick

YouTube is the world's second biggest search engine, and as it's owned by Google, much of the best practice in search is transferable here. Walk through the consumer's journey to see what's already there. When creating your films, apply the same discipline for keyphrases that you would for other content. When considering advertising opportunities, think about targeted YouTube ads.

Content marketing and SEO: A deep dive for brands

Getting your content discovered in search engines has been the battle digital marketers have been fighting for almost 20 years. It's a combination of both art and science, and there are simple steps that should be on every marketers' agenda. Full story...

Marketers 'missing a trick' with Google's Remarketing for Search

Google's latest launch of its Remarketing for Search product, currently in beta, is a huge step from the standard advertising options that Google Adwords presents, says digital marketing agency, Greenlight. Full story...

Online video 'can double Google search traffic' - report

If online video is optimised for search, it can double Google search traffic, according to a new report. Full story...

Marketing techniques with Google maps - upgrades and innovation

More engineering investment from Google means that marketing techniques with Google maps are going to become more innovative as the maps interface strengthens, combining Street View and consumer generated content. Full story...

Google search tips: 5 common mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas)

Search engine optimisation remains a tricky balancing act, as the rules constantly change. In this official Google blog post, Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead from Google covers the five most common errors she finds in SEO, and then concludes with six quick tips to make sure you're on the right track.

Digital Intelligence - Google search tips 5 common mistakes in SEO
Full story...

Market dataSearch engine marketing: key market data

  - About 20% of all US digital ad spend is paid search
  - Local search makes up 24% of Google queries

Digital ad budget breakdown: US

This chart shows where brands are planning on spending their digital ad budgets. The majority of digital ad spend will be on display ads (41%). Surprisingly more investment will be made on search (19%) and video (14%) than social ads (10%) this year.
Digital Intelligence - Digital ad budget breakdown: US

15/02/2013 | Full story...

How does Google make $100m in search ads each day? (Infographic)

Google makes $100m per day on search advertising, at least, that is what Wordstream tells us according to this infographic. 12/11/2012 | Full story...

Local traffic by search engine: North America

Bing users are more likely to search for local goods and services then Google or Yahoo users in North America with 28.81%. 25/10/2012 | Full story...

1 in 4 US searches are local - study

The number of searches looking for local goods and services in the US has risen significantly in the past two years, with local searches making up 24% of Google queries, according to new research. 11/10/2012 | Full story...

Google overtakes Microsoft as second biggest tech firm

Google has overtaken Microsoft in terms of share value, and leaving the internet giant trailing only Apple as the second wealthiest tech firm in the world. 03/10/2012 | Full story...

More top Advertising stories from this month:

 - Google dips below 90% in UK for first time in 5 years
 - Google takes patent search tool to Europe

SearchTop stories over the last year

The biggest stories that show how your markets and audiences are changing.

5 digital marketing trends for 2013: Social sharing, search portals and joined-up data

As technology develops apace, Experian has listed the 5 biggest trends in digital marketing for 2013, including the rise of search engines as portals, social metrics, and updating emails from within the recipients' inbox. 07/02/2013 | Full story...

Google breaks records with $50bn revenues

Google's profits are back on track, reporting $50bn in revenues for 2012 and a rise in profits during the fourth quarter of last year. 24/01/2013 | Full story...

Search marketing trends in 2012: The 10 biggest headlines of the year

Online habits are changing, and while search remains the gateway to the internet, consumers are expecting a lot more than '10 blue links'.
11/12/2012 | Full story...

Martin Sorrell: WPP spent $2bn on Google, $400m on Facebook in 2012 (video)

In this video interview with the Financial Times, WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell provides insights into how the ad giant invested on digital channels during 2012. Speaking to the FT, the WPP boss gave his thoughts on growth in online advertising.
Watch the video from the FT below:
Digital Intelligence - Martin Sorrell: WPP spent $2bn on Google, $400m on Facebook in 2012
11/12/2012 | Full story...

Search marketing trends: 53% of organic search clicks go to first link

Getting to the top of Google is becoming increasingly important, with 53% of US searchers clicking on the top link of the natural search listings, according to new research.
Digital Intelligence - Search marketing trends: 53% of organic search clicks go to first link
15/10/2012 | Full story...

Paid search marketing trends: Sponsored search adspend up 24% globally

Paid search budgets are on the rise globally, up 24% on last year on average, according to a new report. 12/10/2012 | Full story...

Case Studies Case studies

Case studies chosen by our training team to highlight the best uses of digital marketing.

SEO mystery: Interflora vanishes from Google search after Valentine's promotion

csinterflora.jpgIn February 2013, Interflora disappeared from the front page of Google's natural search results, fuelling speculation that the florist has breached the search engine's guidelines. 07/03/2013 | Full story...


Feeding America grows site traffic 2.5 times using Twitter

cs%20feeding%20america.jpgDomestic hunger charity Feeding America looked to share their web site content on Twitter to maximize traffic back to their website. The charity targeted audiences who often tweeted about topics very similar to Feeding America's site content. 20/12/2012 | Full story...

Tiny Prints sees 47% increase in search rankings via Twitter and Bright Edge

cs%20tinyprint.jpgPhoto printer Tiny Prints aligned its Twitter strategy with its organic search strategy, in a bid to boost search engine rankings with greater engagement using Twitter. 20/12/2012 | Full story...

Converse's Domaination campaign makes innovative use of paid search keyphrase bidding

csconverse2.jpgConverse, the global footwear brand, took a novel and innovative way to connect with their teenage audience online. They took the Google paid search channel and turned an advertising space into a game experience. 06/12/2012 | Full story...

Search case study: 'Ethical' SEO campaign gets 52% boost in organic traffic

cstopcashback.jpgTopCashBack set digital marketing agency SiteVisibility the task of increasing its search rankings and overall brand awareness using SEO and linkbuilding methods. 19/11/2012 | Full story...

Case study: 4Music mixes video, search and social media to boost reach

cs4music.jpgLaunched in August 2008, 4Music is the most watched music channel in the UK. It is free to air, and part of the Box TV music channel portfolio. This case study shows how the a multi-layered digital campaign was used to elevate the brand and increase the value of to its advertisers. 14/09/2012 | Full story...

Search engine marketing strategy as Converse creates entertainment from Google

csconverse.jpgThis case study from Conserve has to be the most innovative approach to search engine marketing that we have ever seen. In order to connect with their youth audience in a highly targeted and personal way Converse exploited the search engines results page by cleverly bidding on long tail keyphrases that they could assume were teenager generated. 25/05/2012 | Full story...

FacebookFacebook and search

Facebook has revolutionised social media, changed the way marketers communicate and blended paid, owned and earned media into one platform.

The who's who of Facebook and Google (Infographic)

As Facebook and Google grow, so do their corporate structures. This infographic from Hierarchy Structure looks at the workforce hierarchy of the two leading internet giants. 13/02/2013 | Full story...

Bing revamps Facebook 'social sidebar' search results

Microsoft has updated its Bing social sidebar to add more results from Facebook timelines, following the launch of the social network's new 'graph search' tool. 22/01/2013| Full story...

Facebook takes on Google with 'Graph Search'

Facebook has overhauled its search engine in a bid to take on Google, letting users search for people, photos, places and other content that has already been shared on the social network. At a 'mystery event' from the company's headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the service, dubbed Graph Search.
Watch Zuckerberg talk about the new service here:

Digital Intelligence - Facebook takes on Google with Graph Search

16/01/2013 | Full story...

Facebook and Yahoo in search talks?

Yahoo has been in talks with Facebook over a possible search deal that could see an end to its partnership with Microsoft's Bing, according to a news report. 19/11/2012 | Full story...

Facebook 'could capture 50% of global search market in just a few years'

As social media and search converge, Facebook is in a unique position to rival Google's dominance in the coming years. A new survey reveals that Mark Zuckerberg's plans to mix social with search could give Google a run for their (advertising) money. 17/09/2012 | Full story...

Bing lets users search Facebook photos

Bing has strengthened its partnership with Facebook, launching a new tool that lets users search and browse through their friends' photos. 03/09/2012 | Full story...


Video is the most powerful way to tell stories, and whether on your own websites, as pre-rolls in a paid environment, or on one of the big video distribution platforms, it's key element of the digital mix for most brands.

DuckDuckGo attacks Google: "There's no regular search anymore"

Search engine DuckDuckGo has released a video that aims to show that there's no such thing as impersonal Google results.

Digital Intelligence - DuckDuckGo attacks Google There's no regular search anymore
18/10/2012 | Full story...


Online advertising is only a small part of the digital media mix today, but remains an effective way of instantly reaching the mass market with the right message at the right time for the right consumer.

Paid search 'a waste of money' for big brands (according to eBay)

eBay has courted controversy by claiming that paying for search ads has little effect on sales for large companies, according to its own research. 15/03/2013 | Full story...

2 in 5 web users 'unaware that Google Adwords are adverts'

Up to 40% of web users are unaware that the Google Ads above their search results are paid-for advertisements, according to new research.
01/03/2013 | Full story...

Yahoo allows Google display ads on websites (but not search)

Yahoo! has struck a deal with Google to allow its mobile and display ads to appear on a selection of its websites, but not AdWords search ads. 08/02/2013 | Full story...

Google revamps AdWords - targets by situation, not device

Google has revamped its hugely popular search advertising system AdWords with 'Enhanced Campaigns', letting advertisers target people by 'situation' rather than device.
Watch a demonstration of how the service works below:

Digital Intelligence - Google revamps AdWords targets by situation not device
07/02/2013 | Full story...

When your Google traffic dies: The pain you never want to feel

Most websites and online retailers live and die based on their natural search traffic, so when the US clothes retailer Big Tall Direct lost 70% of their traffic, it proved devastating.

Digital Intelligence - When your Google traffic dies: The pain you never want to feel
22/11/2012 | Full story...

Microsoft rebrands search ad platform as 'Yahoo! Bing Network'

Microsoft is rebranding its search partnership with Yahoo as the Yahoo! Bing Network, following the tie up between the two firms set up in 2009.
11/09/2012 | Full story...

Yandex takes on Google with new browser

Yandex has launched its own Internet browser, as the search giant looks to take on Google in the growing Russian market. 02/10/2012 | Full story...

Microsoft contests Google with 'Bing it on' consumer taste test

Microsoft is inviting users to test its Bing search engine against Google in a side by side challenge, called 'Bing it on'.

Digital Intelligence - Microsoft contests Google with Bing it on consumer taste test
11/09/2012 | Full story...

MobileMobile and tablets

The pattern of access is shifting fast to mobile with social networks and major online services now seeing mobile as the primary media. Smart brands connect apps, mobile sites and optimised web pages together into a seamless consumer journey.

Most mobile searches 'convert in first hour'

Over half (55%) of mobile searches that resulted in a conversion happened in less than an hour, according to new research from Nielsen and Google. View the embedded report below:

Digital Intelligence - Most mobile searches convert in first hour
15/03/2013 | Full story...

Mobile trends - 'One third of UK traffic now from smartphones or tablets'

Brits spend more time online than any other European country, with one third of traffic now coming from smartphones or tablets, according to a new report from ComScore. 18/02/2013 | Full story...

Tablets 'to account for 20% of Google ad revenue in 2013'

A surge in tablet use will push Google's US mobile revenue to $9.9bn this year, a massive leap from the $5.8bn generated in 2012, according to a new report. 14/02/2013 | Full story...

Google 'pays Apple $1bn to be default search'

Google will start paying Apple up to $1 billion a year for the right to the be default search engine on iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch, according to a news report. 13/02/2013 | Full story...

Smartphone search trends: Search engines apps far more popular than brand versions (infographic)

Consumers by far favour using search engine apps to brand apps when using smartphones to search for information on products and services, according to new research. 12/12/2012 | Full story...

Google targets 'next billion' with basic mobile web service Free Zone

Google has launched 'Free Zone', a new mobile web service aimed at giving millions of people in the developing world to access the Internet (and Google's ads) via basic mobile phones without data charges. 09/11/2012 | Full story...

Mobile vs. non mobile local searches

This chart shows the local search breakdown for mobile and non-mobile users in North America. 16.37% of local search queries on Google were conducting using a mobile device. 24/10/2012 | Full story...


Ecommerce is a permanent shift in the behaviour of consumers and organisations. As it crosses its tipping point in each market, it creates a new structure for how the ecosystem works, so smart firms are using the new approaches to connect differently with suppliers and customers, boosting sales further through optimisation, ratings and reviews.

Google bringing sponsored shopping results to Europe and beyond

Google is gearing up to extend its paid results on its Google Shopping tool, as the web giant looks to extend its hugely successful AdWords model to the world of ecommerce.

Digital Intelligence - Google bringing sponsored shopping results to Europe and beyond
16/11/2012 | Full story...


Regulation and accepted practices in digital marketing is changing fast in many countries.

Google forced to change search results in Europe?

Google could be forced to alter its search results in Europe, after accusations that it is favouring its own services over rivals, according to a new report. 14/01/2013 | Full story...

Google removes censorship notice from Chinese search

Google has axed a censorship notice on its Chinese search engine, as the firm looks to build on its paltry 5% market share in the rapidly growing market. 07/01/2013 | Full story...

More top regulation stories:

 - Google offers to brand search results to appease EU monopoly charges

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