Case study: 4Music mixes video, search and social media to boost reach

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Launched in August 2008, 4Music is the most watched music channel in the UK. It is free to air, and part of the Box TV music channel portfolio. This case study shows how the a multi-layered digital campaign was used to elevate the brand and increase the value of to its advertisers. The campaigns generated a 25% increase in their total from campaign start date. Paid search campaigns drove 118,450 users to to view information about their favourite shows – the average users from these campaigns spent an unprecedented 13 minutes browsing content on the site.

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Brand: 4Music | Media: Facebook, Google, TV | Country: UK | Sector: TV, Music | Agency: Blowfish Digital | Format: Social media, Search, TV

4Music wanted to extend its reach, particularly among the 16-34 old market, promoting its Christmas programmes and driving high quality traffic to By increasing awareness of the brand, 4Music wanted to promote its “Hero Shows” among the key demographic and increase viewers offline. The brand chose Blowfish Digital to create and implement a digital campaign that combined, social media, PPC and video.

Blowfish Digital used display advertising on Facebook. This drove users to watch video trailers of 4Music’s Christmas programmes on the 4Music fan page and, combining the use of: ‘social content’, refined targeting of 4Music’s fans, fans’ friends and people who had shown interest in featured/associated artists & shows.

Blowfish employed tactical campaign pushes scheduled around show broadcast times; combining ad copy and creative. The campaigns were geared to drive ‘likes’ for the 4Music brand on Facebook. Frequent optimisations were made to campaigns to ensure the budget was being spent cost effectively using the variables listed above as levers.


A Google PPC campaign was implemented in conjunction with this to drive further traffic through paid search. This initiative included campaigns across all areas of the 4Music website, optimised towards driving high-quality users to the site. The Google content network was also used.

A specific push on the Christmas programming was in place, as this was a key show for 4Music’s Christmas broadcast strategy. Campaigns were optimised towards driving ‘quality’ users, which was determined by how long each user spent on the site.


The company implemented a rich media campaign, using a video expandable unit showcasing five of 4Music’s “Hero Shows” to engage and promote these programmes to 4Music’s target market. A bespoke unit was built around 4Music’s objectives, incorporating five different trailers for ‘Hero Shows’ with a heavy Facebook presence within the unit to maximise the opportunity for users to ‘share’ the content around Facebook. The advert ran on a walled garden of carefully selected sites to ensure it was seen in the right places and the desired users (16-34 Yr olds) were engaging with the videos.

4Music worked with Blowfish Digital to run a Vizu Study alongside the campaign. Vizu enabled the team to measure and optimize Brand Lift in real-time. This gave us valuable data, including whether users would recommend the 4Music brand to a friend – this question was asked to people who had and had not engaged with the ad to measure the brand uplift.


The advertising campaigns generated 35,275 likes for the 4Music brand. This was a 25% increase in their total from campaign start date. It delivered 101,500 user interactions on Facebook with the brand.

The video content on the rich media advert was shared on Facebook over 500 times, - 300% above the average share rate for the Tribal Fusion ad network.

Paid search campaigns on Google drove 118,450 users to to view information about their favourite shows – the average users from these campaigns spent an unprecedented 13 minutes browsing content on the site.

4Music saw uplift on television ratings for the ‘Hero Show’ videos showcased in the rich media campaign of between 5% - 120% on their viewing targets for 16 – 34 year olds.

The 4Music brand was promoted successfully to its target audience through the rich media execution. Over 50% of engaged users were likely to recommend the brand to a friend, 23% uplift on users who hadn’t been exposed to the advert. The likelihood of definitely not recommending the brand to a friend was halved once users had engaged with the ad.

Melissa Pine, Head of Marketing, Box Television said: “4Music attracts some of the UK’s leading advertisers due to its rich content on-air and online. The uplift in users from paid search, interaction with the brand and time spent on the site as a result of this campaign has had a direct and positive impact on the perceived value of 4Music.”

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