Case study: Search engine marketing strategy as Converse creates entertainment from Google

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This case study from Conserve has to be the most innovative approach to search engine marketing that we have ever seen. In order to connect with their youth audience in a highly targeted and personal way Converse exploited the search engines results page by cleverly bidding on long tail keyphrases that they could assume were teenager generated.

This enabled them to own paid search advertising spaces (otherwise unexploited) to start a conversation and capture response (at a very low cost) from their target audience. With this simple tactic in place they generated numerous low cost microsites that collectively captured the imagination of their audience.

More on the case study:
Brand: Converse | Media: Search and websites | Country: USA / Global | Agency: Anomaly | Sector: Clothing - Footwear | Objective: Build brand equity, create relevant entertainment experiences | Format: Search engine marketing strategy that combines search with entertainment and microsites

Watch a YouTube video explaining how the campaign worked here:

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