Search case study: ‘Ethical’ SEO campaign gets 52% boost in organic traffic

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TopCashBack set digital marketing agency SiteVisibility the task of increasing its search rankings and overall brand awareness using SEO and linkbuilding methods. This case study shows how by the summer, the loyalty rewards site gained 51.8% in organic website traffic and doubled its monthly average ROI.

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Brand: TopCashBack | Country: UK | Agency: SiteVisibillity | Sector: Finance | Format: Search, SEO

The free cashback website offers users the chance to earn money back on purchases and access vouchers to use across a wide range of retail and leisure sectors - but in order to let potential users learn about their offering, the business needed to attract higher levels of traffic to its site.

As the competitive Christmas season approached in 2011, TopCashBack set SiteVisibility the task of increasing its search rankings and overall brand awareness using SEO and linkbuilding methods. With the search engine optimisation (SEO) landscape changing almost daily, leading search, social media and SEO agency SiteVisibility is fully aware that an integrated campaign is the best way to get consistent results; by delivering this to TopCashBack, SiteVisibility was able to live up to its name and raise its client’s visibility amongst a number of carefully researched target audiences.

Getting results

By utilising a combination of online engagement methods, such as content marketing, guest posting on relevant blogs, social media and infographics, SiteVisibility soon witnessed tangible results in both traffic levels and conversion rates for the TopCashBack site. By summer 2012, the monthly average ROI had doubled, along with some impressive year on year increases including; 51.8% in organic traffic (with 164% in non-branded organic traffic), 132% clicks through to merchants from non-branded organic traffic; and 54% on the number of keywords driving traffic to the site.

The results have helped TopCashBack to build on its success, despite the difficulties faced in the current financial climate. James Little, Partnerships Director says: “SiteVisibility got us to number one for ‘cashback’ in an exceptionally short period of time using tactics which have sustained our valuable rankings through the Penguin and Panda updates in Google’s algorithm.”

In addition to exceptional ranking and traffic results, a social media campaign leading up to Christmas also increased Facebook fans by 12% and reached huge numbers – with an average daily rate of 1,350 entrants. In regards to these outstanding results, Little continues: “We would not hesitate to recommend SiteVisibility as an SEO agency able to deliver results in a competitive financial marketplace.”

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