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Digital Editorial & Content Academy (Orientation)

Get started in writing and producing for the web

Digital Editorial & Content AcademyWriting and producing for the web has a great deal in common with developing content and programming for traditional print and broadcast media, and this conversion course helps editorial teams with strong classic media experience transition into these new channels. Strengthening your team with knowledge of how online content builds audiences, and how communities and social media can boost traffic is key for in helping get the most from your assets. Video content and data feeds can also transform the success of a website, but only when they’re part of a strong publishing strategy. Editorial teams need the knowledge about how the online environment works to help boost audiences and bring more people to your site. This academy helps existing journalists and producers get their knowledge to the right level. Not only does each person’s productivity increase, but the whole crew delivers better results. It’s hands-on, practical and focused on your sites.

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