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Getting to grips with online media sales

Digital Media Sales AcademyStrengthening your team with the knowledge about how the online markets work is key to unlocking pent-up potential. Even a great sales person can be lost in the maze of metrics, daunted by the jargon and unclear about whether the products being pitched will meet client objectives. Get the knowledge to the right level and not only does each person's productivity increase, but the whole crew comes together to deliver better results. This practical one day course will cover the basics, answer those unanswered questions and help your team pull together to sell online media effectively.

Media planners in six countries told us the same thing: there's nothing more frustrating than having sales teams get the numbers wrong. "It wastes our time, and if they don't know the difference between impressions, uniques and reach when they're selling, how can we trust the numbers after?" Our tutor's message: get the numbers clear before taking anything out to your agency. And if you're not proud of the traffic stats, look at whether the product is really up to the job.

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