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Digital Content Sales Academy (Orientation level)

Selling online content effectively

Digital Content Sales AcademySelling content and services into the online media industry demands a good understanding of how online publishing works. Strengthening your team with knowledge of how content builds audiences, and how communities and social media can boost traffic is key for successful sales to online media. Video content and datafeeds can transform the success of a website, but only when they're part of a strong publishing strategy. Sales teams need the knowledge about how the online markets work to help web publishers unlock the potential for their audiences. Even a great sales person can be lost in the maze of metrics, daunted by the jargon and unclear about whether the products pitched will meet client objectives. This academy gets the team's knowledge to the right level; not only does each person's productivity increase, but the whole crew delivers better results. Hands-on, practical and focused on sales: just what's needed.

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