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Building brands and engagement through social media

Digital Social Media AcademySocial media, social networks, blogs and online communities have permanently changed online marketing. In this new landscape brands are in a constant dialogue with customers who increasingly play critical roles in advocacy and recommendation. The challenge for marketers is that while the rewards may be rich, the risks are greater. Their brand is just one guest among millions, and nobody is in control.

There’s a new type of transparency in customer relationships. The interruptive model of advertising is weakening in favour of engagement. The challenge to persuade consumers to give their attention grows ever greater. And between Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google and the portals, there’s a ceaseless stream of new technologies and techniques to try.

Social media needs to tie together PR, advertising, customer service and corporate messaging, and create news, discussion and entertainment customers want to engage with. With the right direction, brands can help nurture consumer generated content, boosting discussion and the reach of their messages. Web publishers have a new role in making their content exportable and participative.

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