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Marketing luxury brands online

A Digital Marketing Strategy Academy for luxury brands, customised to the specific needs of your brand and your team

luxurybrands.pngMarketing luxury brands online is an essential part of today’s marketing mix. The web has become a powerful reference point for advertising luxury brands and maintaining the image and prestige of luxury brands. Used smartly it can boost brand equity, drive purchase intent and help you reach new prospective customers as well as recontacting existing customers.
In this digital marketing academy we showcase the smartest ways luxury brands can be marketed online. We show you the techniques and then practice them together in workshops focussed around the priority business goals your firm faces today. Your team will learn about the latest models and approaches for building brand image and consumer connections through the web, email, social media, your own brand websites and mobile marketing platforms.

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This Digital Marketing Academy for marketing luxury brands online will show how to maximise the ROI you can get from your marketing budgets and both where and how to apply digital in your marketing mix. We’ll cover the common pitfalls in developing digital marketing campaigns, as well as giving you practical tips on effective agency management.

  • How to develop effective digital marketing campaigns
  • How to maximise the balance between bought, owned and earned digital media
  • How to integrate digital campaigns into classic media
  • How to build luxury brands through digital marketing
  • How to measure and evaluate online marketing campaigns for luxury brands
  • How to improve the impact of your creative messages in digital marketing
  • How to build relationship marketing programmes for luxury brands
  • How to manage your digital and advertising agencies most effectively

We will design the right exercises to help your marketing leap forward in today’s tough landscape by assessing where your business and your competitors are today, and then devising a management coaching programme that will ensure you leap forwards.

The Digital Marketing Academy for marketing luxury brands online is normally a three day residential training programme and can be designed for experienced internet marketing teams as well as those relatively new to online marketing.

To talk with a tutor about scoping the right Digital Marketing Academy for marketing your luxury brands online, Email tutors@digitaltrainingacademy.com.

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