How Kellogg's used Tweet shop to sample Special K crisps

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Kellogg's used a pop-up tweet shop in London’s Soho area where people could buy their new savory crisps. The store lets customers try the low calorie snacks, which usually cost 60p per packet, and then asked them to tweet a review on the social media website. Passers-by could walk into the store; sample the range of new cereal crisps and then tweet about them to get a free box to take home. The store turned a customer’s social currency into real goods and positive sentiment. It’s a little unnatural, but then again, experiences like this will probably generate Tweets and Facebook posts without the mandatory requirement too.

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Brand: Kellogs | Country: UK| Sector: Food & beverage | Objective: Sample and build brand engagement | Agency: Slice, UK | Format: Tweeter shop

"The value of positive endorsements on social media sites is beyond compare, so we're excited to be the first company to literally use social currency instead of financial currency to launch this new product in our bespoke Special K shop." – Sarah Case, Brand Manager Special K.

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