Case study: AXE grants Facebook fans with 'multiple girlfriends'

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Back in 2011, mens deodorant brand Axe ran a Facebook app campaign in Tunisia that let users update their relationship status with multiple fake girlfriends. This video case study looks at how Axe managed to stay on brand and engage customers in a smart and funny way.

View the video case study below:

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Brand: Unilever, Axe/ Lynx | Sector: FMCG, Healthcare | Country: Tunisia | Objective: Build brand engagement, drive sales | Agency/partner: Ogilvy Tunisia | Format: Social Media, Video, Facebook, App, Mobile

The Axe campaign from Ogilvy Tunisia, used an app that let users list themselves as being in a relationship with or engaged to multiple ladies.

When other users clicked on that status, they were taken to the Axe app, where they too could rack up their conquests.

According to the video above, the idea plays on "a typically male Tunisian characteristic: bragging about how many girls one can line up." The app quickly spread to thousands of people.

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