Cannes Lions integrated mobile social case study: Nike Running China’s #winagainsttheelements# wins Cannes Mobile Lions Bronze

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Nike is an iconic sportswear brand that leads the way in developing digitally driven, integrated marketing communications all around the world. So when they wanted to change Chinese runners behaviour and get them choosing their new winter range of Hyper products they knew where to start. Combining their social and mobile channels to great effect deliver a communal running challenge helped them achieve their goals. In this Cannes Lions mobile case study we show you why Nike continues to set the standard …


Brand: Nike | Sector: Apparel, sportswear | Country: China | Objective: brand awareness, consideration and purchase | Format: Integrated campaign combining mobile and social

Nike wanted to launch a new range of winter running gear, the Hyper range, into China but faced a significant barrier. When winter comes Chinese runners like to stay indoors. They needed not only to raise awareness and consideration of their new product range as the solution for cold weather running but in the process change their target audiences’ attitudes and behaviour towards the activity.

Nike was able to leverage their, already well-established, digital media ecosystem in China to launch a call-to-action. Through their online running community on Weibo, China’s Twitter equivalent, and their installed-base of Nike+ mobile app users they delivered a running challenge to their fans that got them out running against the elements.

The idea was that runners should accept the challenge to beat the winter elements of Rain, Cold, Snow and Dark. Initiated by a video seeded onto Weibo the campaign encouraged the audience to confront the villainous characters who then taunted and challenged them to daily runs. Tracked via the Nike+ app participants could share their performance within the community with the hashtag #winagainsttheelements# and gain awards for the more they ran. Personalised missions and badges encouraged and awarded runners to increase their running. The campaign culminated at the annual Shanghai marathon.

Within the space of 24 days Nike’s committed fans totted up a combined total of 44,528 extra kilometres run, and by their social media participation managed to generate great brand buzz that in turn helped grow awareness and consideration for their new product range.

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