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Getting creative on time and to spec

What_is_your_key_challenge_2What's your key challenge?

Here are a few ideas from your Academy:

  1. Getting the sales team to communicate the deadlines
  2. Putting the deadlines on the IO
  3. Being more proactive about getting creative in on time
  4. Keep a record of all your chasing emails; never delete those 'sent items'
  5. Agreeing who will chase for late copy, when and how
  6. Don't be shy of calling; email isn't the only route!
  7. When copy arrives try checking straight away; if you spot a problem it gives everyone time to sort it out
  8. The Friday @ 5 problem: Look for the signs of potential delay before you reach Friday
  9. Adding links to a specs and deadlines page from email footers
  10. Be cautious about start dates if there's a hint that the agency may decide to let them 'drift'; remember what's in the contract and have a mechanism for handling changes to contracts
  11. Review your specs quarterly; are there some new things that should now be on them? Are there some common challenges your team all share?
  12. Have a standard structure for copy-chasing emails; maybe 7 days and 2 days? Consider who has the control and responsibility for copy-chasing.
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