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12th June 2008 | London

Blogging is one of the most intimate and persuasive communication tools, yet why do most blogs fail to get readers and most readers fail to engage with blogs? In a channel that’s free to use and can transform the perception of a brand, why is much of the content copied and pasted from press releases and given scant attention by marketing teams? Get it right and blogs can transform customer communication into deep and immersive dialogue that changes brand image, conveys complex information and builds a buzz that gets customers talking and taking your messages further. From business to business and high tech, to corporate social responsibility and crisis management, blogs can be at the heart of integrated marketing communications. In today’s rich digital landscape they can form the anchor of a social media strategy, and harness email, RSS and feeds to build regular customer contact. Digital marketing veteran Danny Meadows-Klue leads this intensive Digital Training Academy (advanced level) which includes a marketing planning workshop that will help you turn these ideas into a structured plan for your business.

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What questions will we answer?

In this Intensive one day Academy, you’ll learn the answers to these key questions:
What are blogs and how do they work?
How do your own blogs fit into the marketing mix?
How do independent blogs fit into the marketing mix?
Why do some blogs gain traction quickly with audiences?
Why does writing for blogs demand a new approach?
What are the tricks in getting blog marketing right?
What are the risks brands need to avoid?
What are the success factors that need to be in place?
Which models can convert blog activity into leads or sales?
What’s the right model for your firm?
How can your next product launch or brand build be accelerated through blogging?
How can you build an engine for developing regular quality content?

Digital Training Academy learning outcomes

You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of the theory as well as scores of practical ideas, including:
A deeper knowledge of the processes behind marketing through blogs
A new way of reading the social landscape blogs live within
An understanding of the social media models and their relationship to blogging content

Who should attend?

This intensive one day Digital Training Academy is geared to the needs of:
Client side brand marketers and marketing directors
Corporate communications directors
Campaign planners and strategic planners in agencies
Media owners with blog content
Specialists in blog and social media marketing
Creatives developing communication for blogs

What’s an ‘Advanced’ level Digital Training Academy?

This level is intended for marketers who already have some experience of digital marketing and want to accelerate their use of blogs in marketing. To get the most from an Advanced programme at the Digital Training Academy we recommend participants have at least 18 months experience in digital marketing.

What did previous Academy Graduates say about this programme?

''I thought the tutor was fantastic, guiding us through the material very well indeed.''
“It wasn't a bleak, 'left-on-your-own' or -work with a partner process, which can really put people off trying, everyone was individually thinking through their own plans and ideas, encouraged by the rest of the class/tutors''
“'The best parts? The exercise on formulating a marketing plan and the constant hints and tips at every stage”
''What did I most enjoy? The whole thing really – it made me very determined to set up a blog for the business which I think is the vital message that came across''

Want to know more?

If you’re unsure about whether this is the right Academy (or the right level for you) then email our Academy Managers with your questions:

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