The weakest online advertising?

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You have won a free laptop!Internet marketing has the scope to be more powerful, vibrant, engaging and impactful than any other media. In Digital's case study library we've collected just a few of the thousands of great campaigns that really impressed us, but it's worth remembering that somewhere out there, in the depths of an un-targeted run-of-site campaign, the bottom-dwellers of the direct marketing industry are still subjecting internet users to ads like this one.

If you are new to online advertising then take a look at this pop up and this banner.

We’ll start with the truly awful pop-up:

You have won a free laptop!

And this bright flashing banner was placed on the top of a web-based email page; one people would read for a very long time. Shouting for attention is the worst way of using digital media; powerful creative will capture attention and draw people in regardless.

You won!

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