Interactive mobile ad unit drives trailer views for Universal’s ‘The Wolfman’

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Universal used AdMob’s Interactive Ad Unit on mobile to create buzz around the brand and encourage brand engagement.

With the use of AdMob’s auto-play interactive a units and text and banner ads Universal created a buzz resulting in 31% increase in the intent to view its upcoming movie ‘The Wolfman’. The campaign resulted in 69% increase in mobile ad awareness and a 31% increase in both release date association and intent to see the film.

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Brand: Universal |Media: Google Admob | Country: Spain |Sector: Entertainment| Agency: Ignited Agency | Format: Auto-Play Interactive Ad Unit

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“We continually seek to take advantage of new and more interactive mobile ad opportunities to promote our films with partners like AdMob. The interactive trailer execution for The Wolfman enabled us to place our content in front of consumers in an innovative way, and also afforded us the ability to quantitatively measure our success. Seeing the significant brand lift across the brand was a huge validation for us that our creative strategy worked.” – Tim Fleming, Interactive Media Planner at Ignited Agency

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