The shortest ad ever- OCD ‘1 second’ videos create YouTube buzz on a $0 budget

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The International OCD foundation reached tens of thousands of people with a series of one second long videos, aimed at helping viewers experience the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Rather than explaining the effects of obsessive-compulsive disorder at length, they used a 1-second text-only ad to demonstrate the frustrations people with OCD experience first hand. The ad is too short to read in one viewing so, as the title explains (and even challenges) “You may have to press play more than once …”

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Brand: NHS |Media: YouTube ads | Country: Israel |Sector: Healthcare | Agency: McCann Digital | Format: YouTube Video

YouTube video Video Case Study

In a culture where obsessive-compulsive disorder is often used in jest, the OCD Foundation chose to take just one of the more serious symptoms of the disorder and make viewers experience a bit of that frustration themselves. The campaign, which cost virtually nothing to run, generated online buzz and PR in online media.

Watch a video explaining how agency McCann Digital created the campaign below:

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