L’Oreal targets female gamers with Xbox app

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L'Oréal USA has launched a beauty and style app on Xbox LIVE called ‘The Next Level’, becoming the first app on the Microsoft games console to be targeted at women. The destination site lets users create a personalised event calendar, shopping list, weather-based beauty recommendations, and ‘redemption centre’ where rewards earned through interaction can be traded for tangible branded offers.

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Brand: L'Oreal | Country: Global | Sector: FMCG Healthcare | Objective: build brand engagement | Agency: Brightline | Format: Xbox app, gaming


Designed and created with interactive solutions from BrightLine, the destination also offers how-to videos, articles, and product-centric interactive features showcasing the latest in style, entertainment and beauty.

Content is sourced from L'Oréal brands and key editorial partners Lucky Magazine and Makeup.com.

Users also have the ability to browse products, share on Facebook, and even initiate product purchase- all within the destination. The app also features peer-to-peer and expert-to-peer conversation forums to share tips, tricks, and opinions.

‘The Next level’ also introduces the brand’s first ever currency system that rewards users for interaction.

“With more content and women on Xbox LIVE than ever before, we see this as a tremendous opportunity for L’Oréal USA. We wanted to connect with this rapidly growing audience and combine their passion for entertainment and beauty into one seamless personalized experience” said Esohe Omoruyi, VP Digital Marketing L’Oreal USA.

“We realized immediately that L’Oreal was the perfect partner to create a seamless beauty, lifestyle, and experience on the Xbox. The result is designed to connect with viewers in all the ways we know L’Oreal already has in the retail world. It represents a new kind of brand evangelism and engagement” said Jacqueline Corbelli, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, BrightLine.

Watch a video explaining how the service works below:



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