Gamification case study: Capcom Steel Battalion sneak peek drives engagement

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To promote its latest console game, Steel Battalion, Capcom used an expandable banner campaign that gave gamer a sneak peek of the game. Using the Say Media AdFrames format, the campaign exceeded engagement benchmarks by providing an immersive experience that emulated the game’s high quality graphics.

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Brand: Capcom | Sector: Gaming | Country: UK | Objective: Build brand engagement, drive sales | Format: Display advertising | Agency/ Partner: Mindshare/ Say Media

For a game like Steel Battalion. where the on-screen action and gameplay experience are what separate it from others in the genre, it was important that as much content as possible was incorpoted into the AF3 format. The gaming audience are quick to spot and ignore overtly commercial messages.

Say Media worked with the creative assets supplied by Capcom to build a snapshot of the Steel Battalion experience. When users hovered their mouse over the animated banner, the unit expanded to a full screen takeover which was styled to look like the inside of a tank cockpit. As the user explored the cockpit environment, clicking on different monitors allowed the user to watch gameplay footage, view character schematics, read the game storyline and click-through to purchase the game.

Social sharing functions were also included for viewers to spread the experience among their peer groups. The assets supplied meant that it was possible for Say designers to create a 30 parallax effect, which allowed the viewer to pan and scan the full cock-pit area, as well as through the front screen of the tank.


In terms of objectives achieved, the Steel Battalion AF3 unit delivered on contracted engagements. with 122,552 engagements against 107,913 contracted (104.3%).

Users spent a combined total of 28.905 minutes with the campaign, spread over 113,171 video views. The average time spent with the game was 26.8 seconds, which is nearly 8 seconds above comparable benchmarks. Click-to-site rate over 9,334 sessions reached an impressive 8.29%.


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