Digital Media Sales Academy

Digital training and Social Media Marketing Strategy workshops for your team

Why did media owners ask us to create the Digital Media Sales Academy?

Publishers told us they needed to raise their ad revenues online. Just think about your business: maybe that's 500k this year, maybe it's double last year's budgets, but you'll be facing a pretty steep goal if you're like most of the firms we work with.

Your teams are probably less familiar with online than print and suddenly it's at the heart of their work rather than a value-add that was bundled to close something in the next print edition. They're selling against some of the most powerful and structured teams in the world, and your market share is probably falling even if your revenues are growing substantially …in fact at the hands of search engines it could be collapsing. Worse than that, the other guys are raising the bar all the time. The migration of classified ads out of print is hurting.

Suddenly sales teams have to get up to speed with the new tools and use them in an intensely competitive market. Their clients may know much more than they do, and certainly some of the digital agencies will have mastered the jargon and the principles. The ad formats, the targeting, the metrics and reporting; it's a world beyond print or broadcast. And that's before you think about the daunting jargon and the impenetrable web of companies in the industry, that's a scary place for a sales person to be.

The Digital Media Sales Academy focuses on giving you the right knowledge to build your understanding and shift your confidence. It's a full day training Academy preceded by pre-course reading and followed by access to a bespoke learning centre for the group. We've even set up a graduate programme that lets us continue supporting them with email news services for six months.

We're the premium training provider in the industry, training thousands of executives across fifteen countries. My passion has always been training and more than 30,000 people have attended my talks and courses. All of us at the Digital training Academy not only hope you enjoy this Academy, but that it changes the way you work. The digital landscape is rich in opportunity and I look forward to seeing you get your fair share of it.

Danny Meadows-Klue, Founder, Digital Training Academy

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