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Digital Lesson: Online adspend leaps

In this lesson we explore the growth of online advertising spend in the UK. As the world's fastest adopting internet advertising economy, the experiences here can be used to anticipate the next steps in other countries. Discover how the growth of search engines have swelled to account for half of all advertising, and why online is set to become the biggest advertising media channel by 2010.

Having problems seeing the wood from the trees? When markets move this fast, getting a clear understanding of them can be tough. Audiences keep growing, advertisers keep changing their behaviour, and metrics keep adjusting. In the Digital Research Academy we give you a download of the latest numbers and show how the markets have moved so far. Use these principles to delve deeper into your own market intelligence and look for data sets within your markets that will give clearer guidance during the next two years.

This lesson explains:

  • How the market has developed
  • The implications for media spending shift
  • How you can translate all of this into sales messages
  • The key trajectories it’s on
  • Where it is now

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