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Email marketing case study: British Airways

Email marketing case study: British AirwaysBritish Airways employs ERM to deliver key messages and overcome challenges the brand has, such as lost luggage and long delays.

ERM is also allowing the brand to tell a story over time. These stories can be rich and deep, allowing the company to explain in greater detail a number of aspects of its business.
Furthermore, British Airways has integrated its channels. The company’s ERM process is perfectly linked into their advertising on television, radio, press, web and direct mail. Not only does it operate in tandem with offline media, but email is also boosting the effectiveness of messaging in other channels and creating an overall increase in ROI. ERM further functions as a tool to find new reasons to reach out to the customer.

The result of British Airways’ implementation of ERM is a high retention of customers. The advertising is allowing a one click connection to purchase, turning this branded communication into a sale

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