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Email marketing case study: Hackett

Email marketing case study: HackettFor Hackett, ERM is building the brand, the company image and driving sales through operating as Hackett’s main advertising programme. The company has reduced its print adverts, redesigned offline campaigns for email and delivered them to the target consumer.

Hackett has also worked to integrated its channels. Analysis of Hackett’s business shows there is a high connection between online advertising and marketing and offline sales. For example, people see the advert by email but go to the store to buy, which for the purchase of luxury clothing products, is normal behaviour.

Furthermore, each new range of clothes or upcoming social event gives the company a new reason to reach out to consumers.

The outcome of Hackett's effective ERM programme is a high rate of retention. This is essential for the company to operate as a luxury clothing manufacturer, as these customers could easily be worth €5,000, with high value customers being worth up to €15,000.

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