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eRM strategy and objectives: Setting eRM objectives at the start of a campaign

Before you begin or relaunch your eRM programme, think about all of the objectives the organization and the ways eRM can help. As your ‘owned media’ channel it’s the most cost effective way to communicate with people who know your brand, but that communication needs to be segmented so it’s always relevant to what the person expects. Regular customers will expect different messages to those who rarely buy through you and different groups of customers will be interested in different aspects of what you do. When you are setting objectives start with this simple list, and ask your Academy Manager for more ideas as you progress.

  • Sales goals: Volume of sales
  • Brand goals: Brand affinity, front of mind brand awareness and purchase intent
  • Response goals: Responses per person as sales or engagements with the programme
  • Activity goals: Website activity levels and traffic when you are driving audiences between media channels
  • Recruitment: Building the database of customers in an eRM programme means having a clear recruitment target and ways to measure what is working and what’s not
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