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Getting to grips with online media planning

Media_planning_mid_slide There is a vast skills gap in the media and marketing industries. It's holding individuals and companies back. Online can be tough; impenetrable language, constantly changing technologies or suppliers, unclear business processes and evolving models for trading. And the pace means that even if you were up to speed six months ago the game will have moved on. That's why we set up the Digital Media Planning Academy: to help swell the ranks of the planning community and help more planners cross over from traditional media by providing top quality, jargon free, leading edge training. In this Academy you'll learn how online media planning builds on the familiar concepts of reach and frequency, but adds new dimensions. Discover how you can get your media space to work harder for you on the web. Find out what's worth tracking and why there are many false friends when it comes to accountability. Follow our hints and tips and discover what you need to know.

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